Peaches Bananas Apples Pears

released January 2003

1. Peaches Bananas Apples Pears
2. I'm A Loser
3. Tiny
4. Charming the Pants
5. Car Stereo
6. Siesta
7. Geelong

bio: Mrs Pinkwhistle make the sort of music your mother-in-law would be proud to show her friends at a mid week ladies tennis luncheon. With a refreshing blend of harmonies and seemingly no sense lyrics, Mrs Pinkwhistle are walking the fine line between 'clever pop' and 'silly rock' with their youthful zest and cheeky musical outlook.

In moments of silly rocking out, any number of inanimate objects have been known to take to the stage as makeshift guitar slides. In mellow contrasts, harmonies the Beach Boys would be proud of will serenade your ear holes as these four crooners let loose with the Pinkwhistle anthem 'Car Stereo'.

With their latest EP under their belts, these crazy cats will be spreading their friendly-pop-vibes through your town soon enough.

Visit the Mrs Pinkwhistle website at for more info.

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