The Sinking Citizenship EP

released January 2002

1. Shake
2. Last Minute Intervention
3. Mark
4. Disclosure

As masters of misunderstanding their instruments, the Sinking Citizenship have been challenging Melbourne audiences since mid 2001. They have sought to achieve a distinctive sound using chaos and discordance within the power of the song, fusing three separate personalities in an effort to create something truly original. Setting out initially to create a demo, the sinking citizenship soon discovered the energy generated in their live performance was equally as powerful on tape, and the demo soon became the debut EP. Unexpected response saw the EP debut at Number 2 in independent radio and street press ensuring high rotation on both local and national airwaves leading to high sales and a sellout launch on Valentines Day 2003.

"A strikingly different sound winning new fans with their intense live performances and this independent four track recording does a great job of portraying their dynamic aesthetics and atmospherics, potent grooves and savvy for an interesting hook from leftfield." Inpress Magazine Feb 2003 "Arty rock. Noisy rock. Dark rock. Messy rock. Abstract rock in the shape of last minute intervention - diabolically intimidating rock...there's something going on here." - Beat Magazine Feb 2003 "The Sinking Citizenship is one band you cant ignore - their live set runs the gamut from dark and chaotic to sentimental vulnerability. There is something about the energy of their music that makes you feel like it could all fall apart at any minute, but they always manage to pull it back from the brink. There is something indefinable about this band - think Big Black married the Birthday Party and Ian Curtis possessed their child; a killer live set." - (live review) Beat Magazine March 2003

"The soundtrack to your troubled dreams" - Jan 2003


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