released January 1999

1. Home Sweet Home
2. Toto
3. New Ethical Day
4. She's A Cancer, He's A Sag
5. Don't
6. Red Bricks
7. Bad Pills
8. I Should Know
9. Taking Time

Bad Pills also appears on the La Femme, No Homme? (She Loves You Vol.1) compilation (hac94).

From the La Femme, No Homme? (hac94) booklet:
The Spinsters originated in early 1998 as a duo with Leahy sisters, Angela and Shannon, on bass and guitar respectively. They soon came to the notice of the local Perth music scene for their interesting lyrics - no unrequited love numbers there! - and subtle harmonising, both with instruments and voices. The duo caught the eye of Lily Sumich, then drummer for Plutonic Girl, and soon after, the newly formed trio performed numerous gigs around the Perth scene. Flautist Catherine Giles subsequently joined the band, followed by Lorraine Sumich on Hammond.

The Spinsters have gained a decent following in Perth, performing countless gigs as a five-piece band, and the highlights of those have been a number of benefit gigs for local community radio station RTR FM, including Drive 1:01 (for Drivetime), Hot Grrly Action (for Drastic on Plastic), and WA's premiere music event, In The Pines, a showcase for some of Perth's best original music.

Their debut album, Spun, was released in December 1999, and has received significant local acclaim, including the song Bad Pills being voted by RTR FM as one of the top five original songs from Western Australia in 1999.

The Spinsters received further recognition in 1999 when Lily Sumich received the West Australian Music Industry award for Best Female Drummer, 1999, voted in by public ballot.

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