released January 2003

1. Are You Ready
2. Fool In Love
3. Outtamyhead
4. Tremblin'
5. Missing You
6. The Way You Do
7. Wake Up
8. Don't Leave Me Down
9. What You Want
10. Skindeep
11. Rescue Me
12. God Willing
bonus track:
13. Skindeep (the fademaster mix)

The debut release from Sydney outfit The Forresters is a diverse collection of roots driven pop. The brainchild of Anthony Bautovich from The Orange Humble Band, the album 'Skindeep' is filled with songs that not only grab a hold of you but refuse to let you go. Joining Anthony on 'Skindeep' are some of Australia's finest players including Nick Kennedy (Knievel) on drums, Matt Galvin (Michael Carpenter and Kings Rd) on guitar and Charlie Owen (New Christs) on guitar and dobro. There's a timeless essence to the sound of this record and on first listen one might get the feeling that they've stumbled across a lost '70s country pop gem. The debut single 'Are you ready' a healthy slice of power pop can be downloaded at The Forresters website at tomthumbrecords 'Are you ready' has been quoted as a '....strong contender for song of the year...." Radio Ctrl. Alt.Country (Belgium)

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