Time's Come EP

released November 2006

1. Time's Come To Let Go
2. Say Yes (Elliot Smith)
3. Clear Light (feat. Jen Cloher and J. Walker)
4. Where Were You
5. Hyberballad (Bjork)
6. Theme From 'The Jogger' (End Titles)
7. Into The Light

plus filmclip for 'When You Walked Out On Me' directed by Gary Cunliffe.

Warmer is John Encarnacao’s band who include Michael O’Regan, Jess Ciampa and Peter Marley. Laidback psychedelic pop featuring guests Jen Cloher and J Walker (Machine Translations) on the alt-country ‘Clear Light’. They flesh out Elliott Smith’s beautiful but skeletal ‘Say Yes’ and add acoustic warmth to Bjork’s ‘Hyperballad’. The songwriting depth and breadth of John Encarnacao is further demonstrated by the heart-wrenching country rock ballad ‘Time’s Come To Let Go’, the brooding ‘Where Were You’ and two instrumentals.

Spider and Lamb

released April 2011

1. Spider and Lamb
2. People Round Here
3. Cold Diamond Armchair
4. Something Like Being Alive
5. Broken Wing
6. Black Cat
7. Wah-hoo!
8. Then It Hit Me
9. No Bad Messiah
10. Home
11. Quadrille

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Sydney's Warmer releases their third album, Spider and Lamb on 8th of
April through Half A Cow. The group is lead by singer-songwriter-guitarist
John Encarnacao and shares players with other HAC artists Dog Trumpet
(drummer Jess Ciampa) and Bernie Hayes (Jess and John). Bassist Peter
Marley, part of the group since 2002, and new recruit Joshua Isaac on keys
and guitar complete the lineup.

Their debut, A Prayer For Soft Honey (2002) was a reflective acoustic rock affair, while follow up The Cat's Miaow (2005) jammed out with country, rock and lo-fi threads. Spider and Lamb draws on all of these influences for a concise selection of psychedelic pop. Upon hearing it, HAC's Nic Dalton declared: "It's your Sgt Peppers!"

A Prayer For Soft Honey

released January 2002

1. Prayer
2. #8 Dream
3. Kitten Claw
4. Magic Child
5. Kiss You On The Mouth
6. Show
7. Water Down There
8. Devochka
9. No Man's Land
10. Where Were You
11. Roving Eye

Warmer make their debut on cd with A Prayer For Soft Honey. Leader John Encarnacao has been a music journalist, made experimental sounds with Upsidasium and St Crustacean, done stellar arrangements for the Whitlams, Bernie Hayes and Sneeze. Warmer is a different kettle of fish in that it's John's very own kettle. A Prayer For Soft Honey has drawn comparisons with Elliot Smith, Tim Rogers and the Icecream Hands but John is no slavish imitator. He wears his influences proudly but uses them to create music that's stunningly beautiful and true to his heart.

Kiss You On The Mouth

released January 2002

1. Kiss You On The Mouth
2. Shoes
3. Staring Down Heaven

Warmer is the songwriting project of Sydney singer/guitarist John Encarnacao. While those who have heard his forthcoming album have put him in the company of Elvis Costello and Elliott Smith, the first single Kiss You On The Mouth is a pop goal kicked from left field. John's story: After years of working on other people's records - scoring strings and brass and playing and singing for Sneeze, the Whitlams, the Orange Humble Band, Bernie Hayes, Godstar and others - and exploring more experimental areas - he realised a couple of years ago that it was time to get back to his first love - songwriting. Since then there's been a flood of songs that, thankfully, shows no sign of stopping. The album, A Prayer For Soft Honey, will be out through W. Minc Productions in September 2002.

The Cat's Miaow

released July 2005

1. valley song
2. calling out your name
3. when you walked out on me
4. lost an eyelid
5. staring down heaven
6. creature
7. betrayed
8. time's come to let go
9. leaving early
10. desert flower
11. the cat's miaow

The second album from Warmer - released 29th July, 2005.

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