Between Visits

released July 2005


1. In A Crowd
2. Afternoon
3. 5 O'clock
4. Train Station
5. Calling From Afar
6. A Day At The Races

Imagine trading in your distortion pedal for an acoustic guitar and blowing the dust off your dads favourite old records again. You're just getting out of town for a while and hanging out with a couple of dogs, drinking herbal tea in the mornings, maybe reading or heading down to the river in the afternoons. From time to time picking up that old guitar.

Well after spending the last few years playing in avant indie rock band The Rebel Astronauts it was time for Matthew McBeath to set out on his own under the name Initials. He still roped in his old band mates as well as members of Sydney
bands Purplene, Rand and Holland and Francis Ford Corolla for his debut EP Between Visits.

While still within the reaches of indie-rock Between Visits also sends a wave to the tried and true traditions of folk and country music.
Introspective but not entirely downbeat, the six track EP from Initials
explores the dynamic between strumming a guitar on the couch and switching
on your amp with a room full of friends.

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