Some Suburban Road

released July 2005

1. Some Suburban Road
2. Mr Sound
3. The Highest Comfort
4. End Transmission

It's been a little while between drinks for Perth's Gigantic but their Some Suburban Road EP was truly
worth the wait! Produced under the watchful eye of ARIA award winning producer and member of Eskimo Joe,
Joel Quartermain, Some Suburban Road delivers infectious melodies, crunchy guitars and a whole lot of ear

Some Suburban Road was recorded in the same shed in Fremantle (aka Debaser Studios) that brought you the
likes of Little Birdy, End of Fashion and Steve Parkin. With a little help from End of Fashion's Rodney
Aravena and The Avenues' Andy Lawson, Gigantic have created four tracks of pure indir rock bliss.

In late 2002, Gigantic's debut EP My Friend Radio enjoyed a warm reception from radio and press nationally
with the band playing live for JJJ. This follow up release shows a band that has grown into something quite

Over the past three years, Gigantic have earned a reputation for their exciting and impressive live
performances. Chalking up gigs with the likes of Eskimo Joe, Little Birdy, The Panics, The Bank Holidays
and many more, the band can't wait to showcase their pop talents to Sydney and Melbourne audiences.

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