56k Hearts

released March 2006

1. B-grade Lisa Loeb
2. I Used To Write Bad Poetry
3. Boy From Canada
4. Sebastian Says
5. The Subterraneans
6. This Song Is About You

Kate sings, Jadey plays piano. It's Jane Vs World. Their debut EP is called 56k Hearts, with the title referring to the dial-up modem speed. The songs are about Internet love, early-life crises, bad poetry, favourite books and boys. "Boys are cool," Kate says, "apart from the ones we write songs about."

Kate and Jadey met on the Net. Recovering from a break-up, Kate poured her heart into her Live Journal. Her interests - including Ben Folds Five, Fountains Of Wayne and Letters To Cleo - were linked to an entry by a Brisbane girl. The clincher was American singer-songwriter Brendan Benson. "Jadey's Live Journal had a photo of her holding some Brendan Benson vinyl she'd just bought on eBay," Kate recalls. "I thought, 'That's so cool!'"

Kate and Jadey started chatting on MSN. It led to a five-hour phone call, during which Jadey played Kate some of her songs, and Kate played Jadey some of her songs. "I want to start a band with you!" Kate said. "Okay," Jadey replied, "I'll move to Melbourne." Jadey completed her university thesis on power pop, relocated to Melbourne, and Jane Vs World was born. They recorded 56k Hearts in Sydney at Love Hz Studios with pop god Michael Carpenter and Butterfly 9's Matt Fell. "It was like we were on school camp," Jadey recalls. "And because neither of us knows how to cook, the food was just as bad as school camp."

Kate and Jadey had an $80 food budget for their two weeks in Sydney. They lived on tomato and cheese sandwiches. And their accommodation was infested by bed bugs. "But it was so much fun," Kate says. "On the first day, Jadey got on the piano and started playing a Jellyfish song. Matt said, 'That's a sign that everything is going to be good.' And he was right. It was a fantastic experience."

The result is a poptastic collection of half-a-dozen hits that will put a smile on your face and have you humming for days. Plus the best kazoo solo you'll find on any record this year! Now, with a Jane Vs World live band behind them, Kate and Jadey are out to conquer the world - and get back at the boys who have broken their 56k hearts. One thing's for sure, they're no-one's B-Grade Lisa Loeb. Look out world, here comes Jane!

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