released July 2006

1. Introduction To City Lights
2. Best Intentions
3. The Casualties of Casual Ties
4. Million Years
5. Cracks (Evolutionary Psychology 101)
6. Rivers
7. Second Is A Two Horse Race
8. 7:30
9. Dying In Good Society
10. Pathways

from the bio: Melbourne based guitar pop trio Mid-State Orange have now joined Candle Records to release their long awaited debut album 'Odds'. Over the last few years, Mid-State Orange have released two wonderful EPs “Summer In Disguise” and “Flag Festival”. 'Odds' is an amazing pop album – you'll be hard-pressed to find a better debut album this year. A great live band, Mid-State Orange have played with Stereolab, The Go Team!, Morcheeba, The Grates, The Sleepy Jackson, Youth Group, Architecture In Helsinki, Machine Translations and The Lucksmiths to name a few.

Message From Mid-State Orange
"Hi there. I’m Louis and I play in Mid-State Orange. I write the songs in the band, and I play guitar and sing. My friend Ryan plays bass, and we’ve been playing together since we were both in our very first band, brought together by our mutual friend Ian, who has since absconded to Beijing. I’m not even going to tell you the name of that band, because we were easily the worst band in the entire history of the known universe. But we had an enormous amount of fun, and Ryan and I kept playing music together. In the past, we’ve put out a couple of EPs and a split 7" single with the wonderful Ladybug Transistor. But, even though we’ve been going for quite a long time, this is actually our first proper album (ignoring the fact that our demo was over an hour long- there were only a hundred of them made, and I can’t even find my own copy of it). Anyway, this album took us a long time to put together. First we recorded some songs with our good friend and sonic mentor Gareth Parton. Gareth lives in London, but his girlfriend Kate is from Melbourne. Being the lovely guy that he is, he moved here with her for a year and that’s when we recorded our second EP, Summer in Disguise. When Gareth and Kate came back for Christmas the next year, we quickly abducted him, and managed to wring three more songs out of him. They were: "Best Intentions", "The Casualties of Casual Ties", and "Million Years". Then we started to think we wanted to record an album. We thought we would do some demos first with our good friend Anthony Cornish, who recorded our first demo. He’s been in lots of great bands in Melbourne, like Blessington, and Adam Cole’s band, the Pollen Choir. A couple of those demos got ripped apart and put back together in surgery and found their way on here. Funnily enough, those two tracks, "Introduction to City Lights" and "Pathways", bookend the record now. The body of the record we recorded with our good friend and all-round sound-and-computer genius Marcus Barzcak. He also mixed the record, and generally oversaw the putting-together of it all.
I suppose a lot of my songs are pretty impressionistic. They might come from a set of circumstances or observations, but I when I try to bring that out, they can get a bit more obscure than I might have initially intended. “Cracks (Evolutionary Psychology 101)” is a pretty good example of that. It started out as being pretty specific, albeit in a very impressionistic kinda way: “Here I am, walking in the street, this is how I feel”. You get the point. Sounds a bit Lou Reed or something? Alright! Then it started getting a little odder, becoming filled with a lot of images of things that I might daydream about: igloos; helicopters; peak oil; space exploration; cats; a bit of old-time religion. I guess the oddness of it, for me, is in contrasting the really large-scale stuff with very small personal things. “Rivers” is a bit less abstruse. I really wanted to write something very straightforward. The first line is a good example of the melody being part of the meaning of the line. It’s a pretty simple line, and I hope the singing gives it some of the weight it needs to portray the feeling behind the song. Cat Power, here we come.

"Second in a Two-Horse Race" is really straight forward. I’ve spent some time in the modern sweatshop—the retail environment, and I also did a stint at a telemarketing company. It was almost ten years ago, I only lasted two hours, and I will never, ever forget it. When I arrived for my second shift, I locked my bike outside, walked into the building, took the lift up to the eighth floor, walked up to my new supervisor and went to say: “Hi David, where should I sit?”, and, instead the words “I’m sorry, I have to quit” came out. I was every bit as surprised as he was. He was very understanding about the whole thing, telling me that I was not doing too badly: a complete lie, on his part. Anyway, this song is just about how much I hated that job. I know it seems a bit rich to complain so much in such a generally wealthy and secure society, but my feelings were, I should point out, vindicated by a recent German study showing that people who were required by their jobs to be nice to everyone suffered from more health problems than comparable people who did not. I hope you’re ok, David, wherever you are."

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