Don't Talk About Us 2CD

released July 2006

disc one
1. Melt
2. Back On Side With You
3. Something You Can't Miss
4. Know You Now
5. Girl Soul
6. How She Loves
7. I Didn't Mean That
8. Little Town Crier
9. Sunshine's Glove
10. Forever A Dream
11. I'm Falling Down
12. Another Happy Ending

disc two
1. It's My Time (EMI mix)
2. She's A Better Lover
3. Jack Robinson
4. Don't Have To Try
5. For The Very Last Time
6. Know You Now (7")
7. It's My Time
8. Don't Talk About Us
9. How She Loves (demo)

February 2008 Back in stock

Hot on the heels of the Purple Hearts and Smudge, here is another 'Classic Reissue' from Half A Cow.

Four years in the making, the complete Someloves recorded output is here - including the entire classic 1989 album Something Or Other plus all b-sides and their first single on Citadel, 'It's My Time', backed with the majestic 'Don't Talk About Us'.

A double cd with a 36 page booklet relating the entire history of band members Dom "Stems/DM3" Mariani and Darryl "Orange Humble Band" Mather plus a story and interviews by respected US music writer and longtime Someloves fan Fred Mills (including an interview with album producer Mitch Easter). Being the pop-perfectionists the Someloves are, the tracks (before they were sped up for original release) were painstakingly re-mastered by Don Bartley at 301. Something Or Other album tracks have been re-mastered at the original speed (they were sped up when the album was originally released by Mushroom in 1990).

If you already own Something Or Other and think you don't need this reissue...THINK AGAIN! The sound of the original tapes is absolutely thrilling. Guitars like they have never been heard before! Pop music of the highest order.

Something Or Other includes the singles 'Know You Now', 'Melt' and 'Sunshine's Glove' and was listed by Goldmine Magazine as one of the TOP 10 greatest "powerpop" albums of all time (the only Australian entry). Don't Talk About Us includes two unreleased tracks - an alternative mix of 'It's My Time' and a demo recording of 'How She Loves'.

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