Breaking The Light

released April 2006

1. Elated
2. Urban Boredom Song
3. Arrival
4. Second Son
5. Windows & Doors
6. Days In The World
7. The Liar
8. Carry Your Cloud
9. Lover's Death Song
10. Can't Hear Your Whistle Blow
11. Into The Stream
12. The Cake Song
13. Cherished Wonder

Cherished Wonder

from the bio: Well known as a key founding member of Melbourne bent rock/pop favourites The Anyones, Nick Murphy has ventured out on his own with this debut solo release, Breaking The Light. This, his first solo collection of songs, highlights Nick's prolific work ethic, along with his flexibility and depth of experiences as a songwriter and musician, singing and playing the majority of parts himself.

After three years of touring around Australia and the U.S. on the back of two highly acclaimed and successful albums with The Anyones, Nick has come up with a bunch of songs reflecting a more personal and intimate writing style. Also on show is his psychedelic-country-love-affair with a Fender Telecaster, delay pedal, tremola box, and of course vocal harmonies to die for. Mix all this with thoughtful catchy hooks that he's well known for, and the result is a totally absorbing listen. There’s a sound for every ear, and with the help of such Melbourne musical luminaries such as Ross McLennan, Dave Ong, Ben Mason, Chris Brodie and Phillipa Nihill, Nick Murphy has crafted a distinctive style all of his own.

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