Whale March

released April 2011

1. Brilliant Corners
2. Cats in the Lane
3. Rusty Gate
4. Bees Knees
5. Magazine
6. Iím a drawer
7. Diary of Getting Fired
8. Enmore Claws
9. Lizard
10. Lockjaw
11. Long Gone
12. Nose Clean
13. Let it Down

He's your great Australian novelist, slumming it in the streets of
Sydney's inner west. Off-kilter guitars and laconic vocals peppered with
trumpet hooks and unconventional arrangements make this Kid Cornered's
best album so far. Sonically, it tips its hat to 90s guitar bands
Pavement, Sebadoh and Yo La Tengo. Matt Toohey's noir-ish Australiana is
more realised and rounded on this third album, which ploughs its own patch
alongside the bands he shreds in on the side - the Woods Themselves, el
Mopa, and Browning.

Kid Cornered

released July 2007

1. Film Career
2. Ambulance
3. 50 words
4. Letterhead
5. Dry Bones
6. Tightrope
7. Diamond Dog
8. Hitz back
9. AC/DC
10. Wooden Cane
11. Stocking Run
12. The Track

What stalks the Kid's songs? For starters, there's his upbringing in the industrial Gothic landscape of Lithgow, a shrouded town, settled in a hole where the archaic mists of Blue Mountains soak the coalmines and prisons that drive dollars just west of the ranges. The Kid ran like hell from the town, but his songs could still hail from those cheap old pub rooms and TABs, from homes breaking under the weight of accumulated tobacco soot and too many unspoken truths.

Like on 'Drugs to a Letterhead' where every household accruement makes comment in a relationship's disillusion, like flickering images from a home movie run in the wrong direction. "Lock on your wrist/Tick's telling tock to give it a rest/Bent over a dish/Tap's speaking out, "get away from this"... I know you're talking backwards with the door slam"

Beyond that, his mastery of the dropped-stitch turnaround hints at appreciation of hell-bound bluesmen like Robert Johnson. On 'Ambulance' the lines flow fluid even if the chords move in ways no band can follow: lyric and melody is leader and king in this world. "Then shadows crawl in, give this girl a mandolin/Snare rolls kick your belly in the night, and doubt kicks off the blankets again."

For all these atmospheres, there's a new sound from Cornered, who has stretched his legs beyond the indie-country sound of his debut Six Sisters. Shimmering electrified folk blends with girl-group stomp on '50 Words', a song lifted by a the warmth of a femme familial choir and sweet couplets like "Itís 50 words to one/You're touching your toes with your tongue/And your soft side cartwheels away" ; there's Crazy Horse guitar power on 'Tightrope'; a walking-wounded bassline on 'Wooden Cane'. 'Diamond Dog' is a mystery, all submerged psychedelia. Elsewhere it's plaintive, as the horns on the Waitsian 'Dry Bones' redefine doleful. 'Stocking Run' is something else again, a spacious, loop-led anthem that recalls the airy grandure of Perthís Bluetile Lounge. - Simon Wooldridge


released July 2017

1. Tape Hiss
2. Must have been a bus
3. Break-down tales
4. Eleven Steps
5. Ten Steps
6. Belly Full of freeway
7. No High
8. ghost f
9. Smoking water
10. Branched
11. Rudder on the rail

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