How Can I Forget This Heart Of Mine?

released October 2005

1. I'll be always there
2. In that jar
3. why did she leave?
4. All fall down
5. Loverslain
6. Let it breathe
7. There's a light
8. Waste my time
9. Still falls the rain
10. In a cold place by the lake
11. And they danced
12. Deep deep blue
13. Time and again


When country music falls into the hands of Kim Salmon (Beasts of Bourbon) and Ron Peno (Died Pretty), and Dave Graney and Clare Moore do the engineering, you can expect something different. Salmon strums away, there's low-key backing and miscellaneous wailing, and Peno is in full whining country mode singing songs of lost love and general unhappiness. The result will never win hearts and minds in Tamworth. It is simply too daring, too deeply felt and far too experimental. - Bruce Elder, SMH

It's also incredibly beautiful!

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