Sweet Consolation 1966-73

released October 2009

1. Big City Lights
2. Um, Um, Um
3. Your Mother Should Have Warned You
4. Hold On Iím Coming
5. Itís A Wonder
6. I Keep Forgettiní
7. Turn the Music Down
8. Second Time around the Wheel
9. Your Wily Ways
10. If It's Meant To Be A Party
11. Sweet Consolation
12. Boogie Woogie Joe
13. If the World Stopped Still Tonight
14. Nightclub in the Day
15. In A Broken Dream (2008)
16. Really Tried to Love You
17. When You Do Your Thing
18. Thin Armed Hairless Man
19. Piano Players Ball
20. Get Back On Your Feet Again
21. Sweet Lady Zelda
22. I Idolise You
23. Letís Kiss and Make Up
bonus track:
24. Ward Austin with Python Lee Jackson: Emergency Ward

All three singles from one of the most popular Sydney bands from the 60s featuring Mal McGee on lead vocals. The band re-grouped in London in the late 60s and went on to back Rod Stewart on the Python Lee Jackson hit 'In A Broken Dream'. This 'classic reissue' contains a new version of the song by songwriter David Bentley plus all 1968-73 London recordings (except the Rod Stewart-sung tracks). All 24 songs first time on cd, including 11 unreleased-until-now. Plus 36 page booklet.

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