the Honeymoon Period

released February 2010

1. Dead Seaman
2. Goldilocks
3. Jeneane Jeneane
4. Led Legz
5. Pizza Heaven
6. Walkabout
7. Runaway Hands
8. Old Face/New Face
9. Top o' the Town
10. Jack Frost

Following 2009's double A-side single Goldilocks/Walkabout comes The Brutals' long-overdue Debut LP the Honeymoon Period. Out on Half A Cow Records, and just in time for Valentine's Day!

Recorded and mixed by Craig Harnath & Finn Keane at Hothouse.
Produced by Craig Harnath & The Brutals.
Assisted by Jeremy Giddings.
Mastered by Jonathan Burnside at Eastern Bloc studios.

Featuring appearances by Ben Butcher (Assassination Collective), Shags Chamberlain (The Smallgoods), Yolanda DeRose (Doll Squad) & Cameron Potts (Baseball, Ninety-Nine).

Early last decade, local street scruffians Bjenny Montero and Emmett 'Tropical Snake' Smith formed jangling folk-rock band Treetops who went on to a short period of rapid success, followed by equally rapid obscurity. After a brief hiatus, acoustic guitars were spotted again. Verses scribbled and kicked into shape with middle eights, and misguided romantic lyrical advice ignored. From this vantage point, The Brutals was decided upon as the suitable new bag-handle for capturing late-night buzzing and fumbling-with-the-record-button-on-the-tape-deck sessions.

The rhythm section soon followed with Gerald Wells; synth-enthusiast and classically trained vocalist, bringing the master musical flavourings with his melodic bass patterns and choir boy backing vocals. The line-up is not complete without local Artist/bon vivant/DJ/peculiar sportsman and wild, natural rock drum-man, Jarrad Kennedy.

The Honeymoon Period. Songs about what we know - girls, friends, pizza, the death of the Roaring '20s. Things fall down and get rebuilt. Pop'n'roll detritus from Melbourne with summer on the brain and winter in their wallets. Hearts on their sleeves, dust on their jackets, sails up and steering straight for the wall. Not without knowledge, but naive enough to know better.

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