released June 2010

1. Quiet One
2. That Sucks
3. 25/7
4. I Hate School
5. Liverpool Kiss

Tamika Innis - Lead Vocals/ Bass Guitar
Lauren Wells-Jones - Guitar
Ariya Gabell - Drums/ Backing Vocals

from their myspace page:

There's nothing more natural than three 13-year-old girls getting together in a band and bashing out a few songs about life/school/home/friends/parents etc. What's perhaps more unusual is that the girls get it together to record the tunes, and the songs are of such high quality, and the recording so finely-tuned that when the tape finds its way into the hands of a local musician/ record store guy, he feels compelled to start up a label to get the record out.

Vic Conrad actually knew Ariya's mum from a previous era when they would regularly make a beeline to the Union Hotel on a Saturday night to check out the Screaming Believers for maybe the 100th time. So when Kris casually passed Vic a CD of her daughters band at a mutual friends party, there weren't too many expectations on either side. Check this out.

OK. I will.

The band is Dandelion.

On Walking Bird Records.

12 minutes of pure rock'n roll. That's enough. You want more, you play it again.

5 songs.
3 girls.
Rock 'n' roll.
Tamika, Lauren & Ariya.
Guitar, bass, drums.
Turn it up.

The Kids are alright.

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