Nicola Schultz discography

Soundtracks for Carparks

released March 2014

New album Soundtracks for Carparks

Schultz combines her strong vocals with the impeccable guitar work of Mickey Levis (Troy Horse Studios co-founder) and natural violin and sitar of Nicolas Lyon (Xavier Rudd Band)

Dance of Life (track 4) was on the ArtGroupie 2012 compilation
Ubiquity Dream.

Track 10 has a video on

Soundtracks for Carparks is quite different to my previous work, and by far the best music I have recorded since my Swirl days. It has an interesting mix of styles, with a catchy pop song, a Beatles style sitar song, a nice Hawaiian style ditty, some heartfelt indie music, a new take on a grunge classic, a darker Bjork style tune, and a blues surprise. I think you’ll enjoy it.


released September 2010

1. It's Okay Now
2. The Loved One
3. Self-sabotage
4. Down The River Bend
5. Traveller 253
6. Grateful Me
7. Chasing The Wind
8. Far Away
9. Jacqueline
10. Highway 62

Debut album from ex-Swirl bassist Nicola Schultz.

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