A Strawberry Situation

released November 2010

1. It's Happening Again Or
2. Pink Shoes
3. Strangers With Secrets
4. As Spring Hits The Valley
5. Come Alive
6. Draggin' Out The Future

Love Parade are a four-piece psychedelic pop band. After spending a few years sharing stages with mismatched pub-rock/diet-grunge bands in Newcastle, going through more drummers than Spinal Tap, and enjoying regular rotation on Australian music shows and channels [RAGE and that], they relocated their focus to Sydney, self-recorded an EP and started playing regularly.

Nic Dalton, Half A Cow boss and purveyor of all things good, agreed to release the EP without hearing a physical copy of it - a first in the seminal label's 20-year existence. (The tinny compressed computer-speakers version was enough for him.)

The resulting EP, A Strawberry Situation, is six tracks that run the gauntlet from psychedelic pop to psychedelic surf-pop - with brief excursions in psychedelic-shoegazey, glo-fi, lo-fi, dream poppy, chill-wave, taking inspiration from The Velvet Underground, The Zombies, Teenage Fanclub, Pavement and the Nuggets compilations. Plus that Mess Around song from Redd Kross. The debut album will be out in summer.

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