I Want The World

released June 2015

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Imogen Bel is a little bit pop, a little bit razzle dazzle. We love this song here at Half A Cow and want to share the love with you. Here what some other people say:

"...your voice is beautiful, I love all the twistable turnable bits. This is awesome." - Megan Washington

"... Imogen Bel had the most intriguing set of the night. The combination of her keyboard skills and those of her accompanying cellist created very powerful moods for each song." - The AU Review, 2013

"With piano under her fingers she performed an array of her quirky pop songs with great feat." - The Orange Press, 2013

"... caught fans in a trance while her beautiful voice, gorgeous production and tremendous songwriting took centre stage. Imogen Bel is definitely one to look out for" - 2013 (support for Andy Bull)

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