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BERNIE HAYES Sweet Sixteen hac197
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A compilation of songs from all of Bernie's albums. From Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday in 1999 right through to Slow Fix in 2015.

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THE GALLANT TREES Open Book Syndrome hac186
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Second album from Melbourne's The Gallant Trees released first week of December. It contains a mix of mandolin and various horns are reminiscent of Green-era REM. Open Book Syndrome is fun, emotional and cleverly crafted. read more here

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Lucky Luke and Claudine Take Off! hac198d
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Chewee is a Nic Dalton solo act. This synth and piano-based psychedelic instrumental album has been up on the shelf since it was recorded in 1996-98. Released by Half A Cow Records, December 2017 read more here

Blooming Heck hac190
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"Blooming Heck's self-titled debut record is a garage pop odyssey. It fuses the indie-pop-rock of groups like the Breeders, the Go-Go’s, Tegan and Sarah, and Chastity Belt, with the eclecticism of Ween, Talking Heads, Todd Rundgren, and Ariel Pink. The band members, Katherine and Robert Simpson, were the rhythm section of Australian cult indie group the Triangles, who scored a top-10 single in Spain in 2010 after their song ‘Applejack’ was used in a television beer commercial." read more here

Bury The Dead

Launching in Melbourne...
Sunday 19th November at the Workers Club, Fitzroy with the Theme Team and the Triangles.

Launching in Sydney...
Friday December 8th with The Likes Of You, Conrad Greenleaf and Luke Russell
in the Green Room at the Petersham Bowling Club

THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT Down In The Water hac194d
From the Music Club Volume Two album. read more here
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Musn't Mean Much
Originally released on the Slice Two compilation. A Tod Ersatz-Desmond Heffrey Production from 1992. read more here
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MOSES Greater Than Me hac191d
The first release from Moses since they have relocated to Berlin from their homeland of New Zealand.
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1-800 Billy Ruane
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Sneeze return with their first single since the Just The Blues Sped Up album in 2004. The lineup of Tom Morgan, Nic Dalton and Lara Meyerratken give you the 29 second epic "1-800 Billy Ruane" - dedicated to the well-loved, and missed, Boston man-about-town Billy Ruane. read more here

MODERN BOMBERS Gotcha!/Believe Me hac192d
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In October 2016, Adem Kerimofski (Turnstyle, Community Chest) invited Nic Dalton over to Perth to support his other band The Burton Cool Suit at a couple of shows. Rather than playing a solo set, Nic asked Adem to put together a rockin’ band and they’d play a selection of songs from Nic’s back pages. With Dave Wallace on the bass and Mark Eaton on drums, along with Adem on keys and guitar, Nic (on lead vocals and guitar) dubbed the band the Western Gloomees, and they played songs originally performed by the Plunderers, Godstar, Love Positions and Nic’s current acts, the Gloomchasers and Chewee.

They also performed a ‘new’ song called “Gotcha!” and Nic expressed interest in recording this song, plus a version of the Plunderers “Believe Me” with the Western Gloomees, with the idea of putting the finished product out as a single. Nic decided that the name Western Gloomees didn’t look quite right for the studio version of the band, which now also included E.M. Burrows on piano and, along with Dee Kerimofski, backing vocals.

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Blackstar Singularity hac184d
digital single!
From the forthcoming Music Club Volume Two album out in 2017. read more here
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Shimmering Twins hac183d
A (mostly) ambient album from Conrad "Richard In Your Mind" Greenleaf. Grab a pillow and find a shady tree - lay down and relax! read more here
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For they are sailors just like you and seasick just the same (hac185)
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Paul Scott, principal writer and singer for The Likes of You began his music career in angular NZ group Pop Mechanix before developing his craft in Sydney indie band Montana, alt country act The Kingdom of Jones, and playing bass for Mr Blonde and John Kennedy’s 68 Comeback Special among others. The Likes of You debut release For they are sailors just like you and seasick just the same taps into the uncertainty and unease of current times without sacrificing Scott’s commitment to big melodies and insistent hooks. read more here

Kid Cornered’s fifth album, loopholes (originally titled, ‘I Shall Be Unreleased’) was initially going to be given out, in the way that cassette mix-tapes used to be passed on. But the Kid (The Woods Themselves, El Mopa, Via Tania) handed it to Tim Whitten - the maestro, who whittled it, pounded it like a hotel pillow and kicked out the hospital corners. Its intricately crafted loops are held together by warm, soulful melodies in a reverb glow - an indie rock treasure. read more here

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Best Of And Unreleased Favourites (hac187d)
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Half A Cow asked the Triangles to put together a compilation of their recordings. It's a fantastic collection of songs from the Red Panda, Magic Johnson and Seventy-Five Year Plan albums and the Night Lunch EP. You can read all about the Triangles in these liner notes for A Tray Of Cards.

PLUNDERERS Half A Cow cassette (1986) hac188
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A cassette given away at a show in October 1986 to celebrate the Plunderers 25th show at the Uni Bar (upstairs at the ANU in Canberra) whilst they were living in Melbourne. The bulk of these songs were recorded at the house they lived in, "Romolo", in West Melbourne, Feb-June 1986.

The Hotpoints/Modern Bombers split 7" moo14
A: The Hotpoints: Crosswires / B: Modern Bombers: Gotcha!
Bandcamp (with download) * Big Cartel

A collaboration between the East Coast (Nic Dalton) and the West Coast (Adem Kerimofski). The first release "Crosswires" appears on a split 7" single with Modern Bombers. The Hotpoints will be releasing a mini-album in the second half of 2017. read more here. Modern Bombers came out of the Western Gloomees, a live band put together by Nic and Adem (plus Dave Wallace, Mark Eaton, Em Burrows and Dee Kerimofski). read more here


Downtown Splitsville hac180
CD * iTunes * Bandcamp
The story of You & Your So-Called Friends starts way back in the early 90s, when the fresh-faced and naive Luke Russell and Leigh Richards began singing harmonies together after
school. read more here


The Electrical Banana Album hac164 vinyl cd iTunes Bandcamp

Whilst waiting for his main outfits The Gloomchasers and The Sticker Club to record albums, Nic Dalton spent all of May and June of 2015 recording a psychedelic pop album under the name of Chewee. Most songs were recorded on the spot - words and music - and the domineering wah-wah solos throughout are all first takes. Disillusioned with modern recording technology, he went back to where it all started - the Tascam 4-track recorder, which Nic has used extensively over the years on projects ranging from Love Positions and Godstar, to Sneeze and Gloomchasers. He went a little bit modern using a Tascam studio CD recorder to build up backing tracks, creating a full band sound. These were then played through a late 40s mono speaker box and recorded back into the 4-track machine to layer further instruments and vocals on top with a Roland Space Echo the only effect used on the whole album. Phew! Ten new songs and two from the late 90s with subject matters ranging from Chupa Chups, the cover of the Velvet's Live 69 Album, sculptor Tom Bass, a dream about Smudge leaving Half A Cow and an answering machine message from Evan Dando. Double phew!

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A list of ALL the HAC releases

From the first Craven Fops 10" to the latest download, here they all are!

Matthew J. Tow
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Shadow's Reign LP
Fans of gorgeous lush pop will enjoy the master crafting he is provided on this new one which features long time associate Chris Cobb on the drums, bass players Nic Dalton and Patrick Matthews and members of Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Richmond Sluts. Nine majestic songs produced by Matthew J Tow. On Xemu Records.

Forty Years Of Records

Forty Years Of Records
Forty years ago today I started buying records. I kept a small notebook which I would write down the name of the record and the date I bought it. I thought it might be a good idea - all these years later - to go over to the shelf, see if the records written down are still there and, if so, maybe play them and see what happens next...

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With every purchase from Half A Cow's mailorder you get this brand new compilation featuring 27 songs from the most recent Half A Cow roster. Also available from Egg Records (3 Wilson st. Newtown) if you buy any INDEPENDENTLY RELEASED LOCAL CD/VINYL. Go crazy!

The Proposition

Edge Of The Dancefloor
With two solo albums under his belt, Luke Russell records his new album with a band that features female vocals and loads of rockin' power pop. Released November 2015.


The Electrical Banana Album
Whilst waiting to record the next Gloomchasers album and finishing off the debut Sticker Club album, Nic Dalton spent all of May and June 2015 recording a psychedelic pop record. Released Nov 14th 2015 on cd, vinyl (with cd) and download.


Manilow tribute LP
The Manilow Tribute album will be pressed in a one-off vinyl edition available worldwide and made available digitally on bandcamp. Featuring the Gloomchasers, Courtney Barnett, Evan Dando, Lou Barlow, Youth Group, Two Am I, Seja, Babaganouj, Ben Mason, Undead Apes, Skylar Gudasz, Ratcat and more! Smudge Bandcamp


digital releases of all their Phantom/HAC stuff
youtube vids

Magic Tundra

Believe Me/Extrano
new digital only double A side single out now Bandcamp

Real McCoy Wrong Sinatra
We have some copies of the Fire version of the most recent (!) Smudge album Get it here


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Great little gallery in Summer Hill: Sweets Workshop

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