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You're all invited to the Half A Cow 25th Birthday Concert (Part 1) with The GODSTAR Rewinder, SMUDGE and SNEEZE on Friday 30th October at the Petersham Bowling Club.

Tickets on sale NOW and are available at Egg Records (3 Wilson St. Newtown ph: 9550 6056) or through Moshtix

We've decided to mix it up a little bit as far as the running order goes: The night will start off with a short SNEEZE set (the Purple set) followed by SMUDGE and then THE GODSTAR REWINDER. The night will be wrapped up sweetly with the return of SNEEZE (the Sex-Gang set!).

This will be the first Godstar show since December 1995 (when the band supported Alex Chilton at the Metro) and the lineup includes original band members Nic Dalton, Tania Bowers, Tom Morgan, John Encarnacao and Alison Galloway playing songs from the Sleeper and Coastal albums (and more!).

Smudge, who have a Manilow tribute album coming out in December, are probably the most well-known Half A Cow band, play a few times a year and are more than happy to help celebrate the big 25. The other "Nic and Tom" band Sneeze haven't played since 2010 and the lineup will include Leticia Nischang and Simon Gibson and they will be playing songs from albums 1, 3 and 4.

Extra PA will be lugged in for the night. Going to be a big one! See you all there.
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WILDING Molecules To Moons (hac163) cd, vinyl, download
iTunes Bandcamp Facebook website

Half A Cow is extremely excited to release the second album by Melbourne's Wilding. CD, download and ltd ed. vinyl. Take your pick! read more here...

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Westfield Drifter hac168 cd, download
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Part country-part pop: it's The Kingdom Of Jones and they hail from Sydney's Inner West and this is their second album. read more here...
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Saturday Maybe... hac167d
Saturday Maybe … is Mark Foster and Garry Manley presenting an eclectic song cycle of quiet rage, reflection and regret. Mark and Garry first played together in Popular Mechanics in the late 70s and went on to play in Samurai Trash and Tactics respectively. Age has not wearied them and their light remains undimmed. read more here...
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Les Aventures de the Lost Husky via536
Born on the trails of inner western Balmain, The Lost Husky was the solo project of Chris Newton, once the bass player in Sydney’s indie-funk upstarts Psyclone Smyle. read more here...
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the RAMALAMAS Brass Razoo (via536) download
For about ten years now, Sydney's the Ramalamas have been playing their our brand of cosmic country cowboy music. They have released two albums with a third one on the way. read more here...
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MOSES Moses EP (hac165d) download
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MOSES are a six-piece band from Wellington, New Zealand, offering up a unique brand of Ambient-Psychedelia. Formed in late 2014, MOSES have had a busy year, releasing a string of singles and their acclaimed debut three track EP - before signing with Half A Cow Records in Australia. read more here...

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BERNIE HAYES SLOW FIXcd, vinyl, download

The fourth studio album from Sydney singer Bernie Hayes is released on the First of May.It is co~produced with Brendan Gallagher and is another outstanding collection of fourteen new Bernie Hayes originals. Out now through Half A Cow on CD, as a digital download via Bandcamp and iTunes and through China Pig Records on vinyl LP
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CLAIRE BIRCHALL Electricity (via525) cd, download
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A talented multi-instrumentalist and DIY enthusiast, Claire self-records, mixes, and plays the majority of the instruments on all of her solo albums. read more here...
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IMOGEN BEL I Want The World (hac161d) download
iTunes Bandcamp Facebook Imogen Bel
Imogen Bel’s new single ‘I Want the World’ is daring and playful, affectionately touching on the music Bel has explored so far – whilst declaring itself as totally original, a new adventure. read more here
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Archived news...

New downloads

SPOKAINE The Couchland Frontier via528
With a mutual love of Alt-Country and Americana, Spokaine formed in Perth in 2000 by Jeff Baker (Rainyard, Mars Bastards), Chris Havercroft (Showbag!), Simone Hagemann (Apartment 99) and Tim Armati. They dis-banded in 2002 after only two EPs which have been lovingly compiled here. Bandcamp iTunes
Solo album from the Paper Planes wiz released in 2012. Claire plays everything herself and it includes a stoner Manic Monday. She has a new album out May 2015. Bandcamp iTunes
The Love Explosion Dream Transmissions via523
The mysterious Love Explosion (we know they are from Sydney) love bands like Felt and all those English bands that gravitated towards the Creation label. Compiled here for the first time are the first three eps from 2007-2008. Bandcamp iTunes
BEACHFIELD Brighton Bothways via522
Beachfield is a musical project by Glenn Thompson. Glenn has been a member of The Go-Betweens and Custard. He also has an album with Adele Pickvance under the name Adele&Glenn called Carrington Street and like this one, fanastic pop music! Bandcamp iTunes

WILDING Bird's Bread via535
This debut album has a very British flavour which takes in Abbey Road psychedelia, Canterbury-prog, freak folk, Merseybeat and British music hall. Influences which flow naturally from Wilding's early years in Liverpool and the music that was around him. iTunes
BIDSTON MOSS Bidston Moss (self-titled) via530
The debut release from Melbourne indie-poppers in the late 90s. A fave around the HAC office - then and now! iTunes
BILBY Life In The Slow Lane via533
Mung from Bidston Moss released a couple of solo albums - with help from the other Biddies. Laidback stuff! iTunes
BIDSTON MOSS Count Past Three via532
After a couple of mini-albums full of melodic fuzz hits, Bidston Moss released their debut longplayer back in the late 90s. A classic! iTunes

PORTAL WINDOW A World For You via520
Having been introduced by their piano teacher in 2002, Paola del Rio and Clare Chadderton have been making music as Portal Window ever since.   Based in Melbourne and sporting their indie~bossa nova licks, this is their album originally released in 2010.
Bandcamp iTunes
KATIE WHYTE Where The Ocean Starts via507
Originally released in 2012, this EP by singer-songwriter Katie Whyte showcases her sense of pop melancholy. Produced by Robert F. Cranny and engineered by Jim Mogine, this is quality stuff. More please!
Bandcamp iTunes
WADE JACKSON Goodbye Rain, Hello Sunshine via514
He's a little bit folk-rock, he's a little bit powerpop, he's a whole of Majestic Songwriting. With help from Liam 'Belles Will Ring' Judson, Sydney's Wade Jackson surprised more than a few people with this debut album from 2012. New album out May 2015. Too early for ALBUM OF THE YEAR?
Bandcamp iTunes
SEVENTEEN Gaggin' For It
Mandy Barron - with her collection of heart-breaking tunes (and a Kinks cover!) - teams up with Alison Galloway (drums) and Leo Mullins on the one and only Seventeen release. Pure beauty.
Bandcamp iTunes

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The Electrical Banana Album
Whilst waiting to record the next Gloomchasers album and finishing off the debut Sticker Club album, Nic Dalton spent all of May and June 2015 recording a psychedelic pop record. Due out on vinyl and download at the end of the year.


digital releases of all their Phantom/HAC stuff
youtube vids

Magic Tundra

Believe Me/Extraño
new digital only double A side single out now Bandcamp

Real McCoy Wrong Sinatra
We have some copies of the Fire version of the most recent (!) Smudge album Get it here


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Read More . Buy Now .

PAINTER MAN Click here to see it bigger
February 2014: Nic Dalton has artwork available for sale at Sweets Workshop

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