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In 2015, Half A Cow turned twenty-five and we celebrated with a couple of shows in Sydney (apologies everywhere else!) and a giveaway cd with an overview of twenty-four of the label's (mainly early) releases. It disappeared pretty quickly.

Another pressing has just been made and it can be yours too!

All you have to to is buy something on the Half A Cow label, either through the Big Cartel shopping page or our Discogs list and your HAC compilation will be sent with your order. If you buy a Bandcamp download, you'll be sent a code to download the compilation. Modern

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The latest news from Half A Cow - looking back at releases from 2 Litre Dolby, Grandview, Vermishus and the Savages. Look here!

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Nic Dalton and his revolving door of Gloomchasers play three sets at the Gasoline Pony, Saturday 26th May 3-6pm.

PLUNDERERS a little potted rundown of all the Plundees releases

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THE HOTPOINTS Perth Mint hac196
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Split release between HAC and Igloo!
The first benign meeting between Nic Dalton and Adem K in 1995 did not suggest the rich, creative friendship that would eventuate 22 years later. Social media reunited the two in late 2016 and they spent four days laying down the foundations of songs that make up their Perth Mint EP as The Hotpoints. Taking in Eno-inspired pop, Turkish psych and primitive electronica, Perth Mint displays a variety of styles that most full length albums fail to conjure. read more here

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Music Club Volume Two
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The melancholy, psychedelic pop sounds of The Wednesday Night, created by the Sydney-based song writing pairing of Laura Murdoch and Rob Young, could be described as ethereal and dreamy - the 1960s meets the 1990s. And now analogue meets digital as the previously vinyl-only album is now available across all online platforms! read more here

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PLUNDERERS How Could You Fall For Johnny Depp? hac201d

Unreleased mix of the song about Winona Ryder plus the version that appeared on the original Citadel release of Banana Smoothie, Honey

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AUSTIN Suit Monkey via552

Nine year old Austin and his dad with a pop punk song about the trials and tribulations of nine-to-five commuting.

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RURAL FRANCE Two Drink Maximum hac199
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It’s taken Tom and Rob four years, five babies and a wide selection of perfectly cooked oven pizzas to record ten songs. The fruits of their efforts collected in one album: Two Drink Maximum, a wildly exciting tribute to a sensible night in. Perched precariously between snot-encrusted rocking horses and My Little Pony that won’t switch off, The France have shaped a batch of kitchen sink dramas that hark back to their CD-littered bedrooms of the nineties. Two Drink Maximum is a universal album for every self-doubting 35-year-old in West Wiltshire. read more here

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BERNIE HAYES Sweet Sixteen hac197
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A compilation of songs from all of Bernie's albums. From Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday in 1999 right through to Slow Fix in 2015.

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THE GALLANT TREES Open Book Syndrome hac186
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Second album from Melbourne's The Gallant Trees released first week of December. It contains a mix of mandolin and various horns are reminiscent of Green-era REM. Open Book Syndrome is fun, emotional and cleverly crafted. read more here

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Lucky Luke and Claudine Take Off! hac198d
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Chewee is a Nic Dalton solo act. This synth and piano-based psychedelic instrumental album has been up on the shelf since it was recorded in 1996-98. Released by Half A Cow Records, December 2017 read more here

Blooming Heck hac190
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"Blooming Heck's self-titled debut record is a garage pop odyssey. It fuses the indie-pop-rock of groups like the Breeders, the Go-Go’s, Tegan and Sarah, and Chastity Belt, with the eclecticism of Ween, Talking Heads, Todd Rundgren, and Ariel Pink. The band members, Katherine and Robert Simpson, were the rhythm section of Australian cult indie group the Triangles, who scored a top-10 single in Spain in 2010 after their song ‘Applejack’ was used in a television beer commercial." read more here

Bury The Dead

Archived news...



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A list of ALL the HAC releases
From the first Craven Fops 10" to the latest download, here they all are!

The Hotpoints
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Perth Mint LP
Nic Dalton joins forces with Adem K (Turnstyle, Community Chest) for a five track EP, inspired by a discussion on mid-70s Eno. Includes the "Crosswires" single (moo14) read more here

Matthew J. Tow
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Shadow's Reign LP
Fans of gorgeous lush pop will enjoy the master crafting he is provided on this new one which features long time associate Chris Cobb on the drums, bass players Nic Dalton and Patrick Matthews and members of Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Richmond Sluts. Nine majestic songs produced by Matthew J Tow. On Xemu Records.

Forty Years Of Records

Forty Years Of Records
Forty years ago today I started buying records. I kept a small notebook which I would write down the name of the record and the date I bought it. I thought it might be a good idea - all these years later - to go over to the shelf, see if the records written down are still there and, if so, maybe play them and see what happens next...


digital releases of all their Phantom/HAC recordings
youtube vids


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Great little gallery in Summer Hill: Sweets Workshop

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