August 2010

out today...Ruby for Lucy

Half A Cow is extremely excited to release the debut album by Ruby for Lucy.

Catching Bream.

Ruby for Lucy are an upcoming Sydney based acoustic duo. Julie Stenton and
Kat Borghetti made a musical match when they met on an online music site
and their debut album Catching Bream is the result. They make lovely, dreamy, whimsical pop music with two guitars and beautiful harmonies.
These very talented musicians are joined by their delightful double bassist and drummer on their nine-track mini-album. Play it once, you'll be playing it again and again. Truly special. Read more...

In the meantime they will be re-launching the album:
Saturday 11th September
at Raval, 42 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills, NSW supporting Skipping Vinegar Girl (who are also launching their new record)

Plus a Canberra show:
Saturday 4th September
at the Front, Wattle St, Lyneham Shops in Canberra, ACT supporting khancoban (launching their new single) with Nic Dalton (solo) up first. Starts at 8 o'clock, over by 10.30

You could file the MoMos under ‘alternative rock’ but the band is too original, too mysterious and too weird to be left at that. The Momos – the brainchild of Drew Thomason - have been playing around Sydney for a few years and now, with a solidified lineup including Pat ‘Falling Joys’ Hayes and Justin ‘Whopping Big Naughty’ Hayes, they have recorded their debut album featuring Sarah Moore on the drums. Read more...

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