November 2010

Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers - NEW ALBUM!

First new music in five years from Nic and his band of folk-rockers. This time around they have replaced the string section with some massed backing vocals and the addition of electric guitar (on half the songs).

Play All Night is the album and is available on limited edition vinyl (100 copies hand painted and silkscreened by Nic himself), cd and on iTunes.

Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers will be launching Play All Night on Thursday 2nd December at the Petersham Bowling Club 77 Brighton Street, Petersham with Dog Trumpet, the Exiles and Ruby for Lucy. This show has been dubbed the Farewell Danny Show as the Gloomchasers and Exiles drummer Danny Heifetz will be heading back to the US for a year.

Love Parade are a four-piece psychedelic pop band from Sydney. Their six-track EP A Strawberry Situation is full of summery psych-pop. The cd is available right now with iTunes download up soon.

Love Parade will be launching A Strawberry Situation at Fish Records, King Street, Newtown on Sunday 5th December at 2pm.
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