August 2012

Smallgoods say bye-bye!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 at the Toff In Town, Melbourne

Some erudite thinker once said all good things big or small must come to an end; a claim that certainly applies to some of our favorite bands. Puns and awkward opening lines aside, we are saddened this week to hear news of the final chapter in the Smallgoods chronicle; one that sprouted from the verdurous south-western Victorian hinterlands in the late-1990s and followed the exploits of a band of handsome scruffs as they re-stumped in Melbourne, played to wide-eyed new fans at home and abroad, released a generous handful of critically-touted cds, and, if this scribe may humbly opine, were perhaps too heavily bound by their blithe nature to ever come into cooee of their true dangerous potential.

Ben Mason and Lachlan Franklin lit the initial spark; their highschool band Mine Square was busy breathing new life into the ol' classics (ever seen any other band do the "running man" dance to 'Hey Joe'?!) but they soon decided it was time to start penning their own classics. The pair recruited Lachlan's younger brother Gus and his shaggy-lookin' pal Shags into the band, and called on a revolving line-up of bass dudes like Donza, Browning and Cowie. Equipped with serious harmonies, hooky pop choons, epic sonic sojourns and melodies brighter than the Port Fairy lighthouse, The Smallgoods were soon opening for big-named international visitors and signing record deals with esteemed indie labels Half A Cow and Lost And Lonesome.

Alas, in the late '00s, time constraints and other band/work commitments began to slow the boys down and in the past few years The Smallgoods have only troubled the gig listings on a few occasions, perhaps most notably (performing as a three-piece) as guests of Jolie Holland. On this tour they recorded the beautiful track 'Tell Me What Your Heart Is Made Out Of' in a Hobart hotel room. This track stands as a vivid reminder of how great this band was and will always remain in many of our hearts. See ya 'round, Smallies!

Luke Russell and the Proposition play at the Green Room, Thursday 2nd August.

Luke Russell Second Guesses
Luke Russell is a Sydney-based singer songwriter and this is his second album. By day, Luke is a philosopher at the University of Sydney, where he researches virtue, vice and evil. Luke also specializes in writing melodic pop songs with a Sixties feel. Like his 2007 debut The Kiss that Lasted All Weekend, this new record is full of chiming guitars and call-and-answer vocals courtesy of Angela D'Alton and his sister Sally Seltmann. Half A Cow label boss Nic Dalton loved the record so much he joined the live band!

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