November 2012

New album from Agnes Kain

AGNES KAIN: Before we finally meet (hac152)

Half A Cow Records presents Before we finally meet, the new album from Agnes Kain: singers, songwriters and musicians Chanelle Afford and Stefan Simunic from Sydney, Australia. This is their third album, following 2009ís Across the ocean grey and their debut Keep walking or Iíll kill you (2007).

Before we finally meet marks a progressive shift in sound for the indie pop folk duo as they make some noise with electric guitars and new live band Ė Lee Carey on drums and Simeon Johnson on cello. The album also features bass by Nic Dalton, trumpet and guitar looping by Jochen Gutsch (Hinterlandt), violin by Eleanor Grey and vocals by Evan James Purdey.

Recorded and produced by Agnes Kain in their lounge room, kitchen and laundry, this album is about mysterious disappearances, housekeeping, Reykjavik, birds crying in branches, murky water, a threatening moonlight and longing to be the light in your eyes. It was mixed by Sean Carey at Trackdown Studios in Camperdown, Sydney, and mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301 in Alexandria, Sydney.

Agnes Kain have toured Australia and China a number of times and are happy to be launching this album in their home town of Sydney on November 29th 2012 at Notes Newtown.

Mal McGhee from the Wild Cherries, Python Lee Jackson and the Virgil Brothers died of emphysema, advanced cancer and pneumonia on 17th May this year. After being involved with those three acts, the 1970s came along and Mal pretty much gave up on the music industry. RIP Mal.

It's A Family Affair

On Sunday 28th October between the hours of 2pm and 7pm you are all cordially invited to the Petersham Bowling Club for the fifth installment of IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR where kids and adults run amuck and the sweet sound of the SHOUT BROTHERS, YAE!TIGER, KNIEVEL, COMMUNITY RADIO and the STICKER CLUB will entertain you and the PBC bar 'n' bistro will fill your bellies and the bowling greens will massage your happy and weary bodies and you wonder why life isn't always this good.
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