August 2014

Bernie Hayes (solo) at the Green Room Lounge

The one and only Bernie Hayes is playing an extra special solo show at the Green Room Lounge on Thursday 7th August. Resident DJ Nic Dalton will be playing records in between the wonderful songs of one of our finest singers. Come on in, grab a beer or the special cocktail we'll be having for the night: "The Sando". See you there!

Then the Gloomchasers will be playing at the Green Room Lounge the following Friday 15th August along with the Ramalamas and You And Your So~Called Friends.

Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers playing at the Midnight Special in Enmore on Sunday 13th July. Next show at Gasoline Pony on Thursday 31st July.


Luke Russell & the Proposition with Gloomchasers at the Green Room Lounge Sunday 11th May from 6pm

Gloomchasers at the Gasoline Pony Thursday 22nd May - 2 sets - with Hurray for Kathryn, Elmo and possibly Jonno on up first.
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