October 2006

Celebrating Our Sweet Sixteenth 1990-2006

Half A Cow Records turns Sweet Sixteen this year (our first release, a 10 incher by the Craven Fops, hit the streets of Glebe in March 1990) and we are celebrating throughout November with two special shows.

The first one is at the Rob Roy Hotel in Fitzroy on Saturday 4th November with Sneeze (first visit south since June '04), Khancoban, The Triangles, Smudge acoustic, Swayback and the Gloomchasers. See poster here.

The Sydney show is at the Annandale Hotel on Sunday 19th November with Bernie Hayes Quartet, Sneeze, Dog Trumpet, Warmer, Smudge acoustic, Khancoban, the Gloomchasers - plus a few special guests dusting off their guitars. See poster here.


By the middle of November, Half A Cow will have put out EIGHT cds in 2006. That's probably the most since the mid-90s when we had a cd coming out every two weeks. So, to make room in the warehouse for all these new ones AND to celebrate our Sweet Sixteenth, Half A Cow Records is having their first ever sale! Scroll down the shopping pages and check out the reduced prices.

And keep a lookout for new releases by Warmer, keyboard wiz Cameron Bruce's solo mini-album by Bruce, and a special compilation called She Loves You Too which stars the Half A Cow team of 1994-1998. Wondering about the Wild Cherries 'Classic Reissue'? We're still getting the artwork together...won't be long now!

Downloads now available direct from Half A Cow
From our new friends at SafeSell, we now have downloads for quite a few of
the Half A Cow releases. You can buy full albums or single tracks at 160k.
You can also sample tracks. More added soon! Start your online rockin' here!

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