December 2006

Come On In!

What a big year for Half A Cow 2006 was. We put out eight releases, celebrated our Sweet Sixteenth, finally made downloads available, got some great greeting cards printed up and rearranged the furniture in the neverending task of making a website a better home. You're looking at it.

And to top it off, the mighty Purple Hearts are heading down to Melbourne to play their first show there since 1968 on Saturday 16th December at the Central Club Hotel, Richmond w/ Chain and Chris Wilson.

"Early this year I played the Woodford Folk Festival with the Hearts and it was great! I went back to Brisbane in March and played two more sold out shows. If you know who I am you'll know that earlier this year I was found to have a small cell lung cancer. My friends threw me a gig at the Palace, which was fantastic - it left me wanting to play some more. I played three shows with Billy Thorpe and then ended up in Box Hill cancer ward and was found to have a second cancer. I can't wait till the next two shows that I have to do with my all time favourite bands." -  Lobby Loyde
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