February 2007


2007 will be another big year for one of Australia's longest-running independent labels, Half A Cow. Coming up over the next few months are
releases by:

BERNIE HAYES - his long-awaited third album, produced by Brendan Gallagher.

THE WILD CHERRIES: That's Life (hac113)
When we first started the Purple Hearts / Wild Cherries reissue project we imagined all the Festival singles from both bands compiled onto one cd. Well, the Hearts disc turned out full length and now a recent discovery means the Wild Cherries will also be a monster. Due out in March. read more

DOG TRUMPET: Antisocial Tendencies (hac126)

THE TRIANGLES: Seventy-Five Year Plan (hac125)
The follow-up to 2005's Magic Johnson is just about ready and will be preceded by a three track promo single led by a rather curiously-titled track 'Meat Blanket'. What have those Triangles been up to? Find out on the new album, due out in April.

LUKE RUSSELL: The Kiss That Lasted All Weekend (hac124)

The band have recorded nearly half of the follow-up to Home Of The Big Regret and should have the next one all done by mid-year. In the meantime, Nic will be releasing his next batch of 4 track recordings from yesteryear. The boxes of cassettes have uncovered a swag of unreleased songs from 1987-88, including early solo versions of Plunderers classics such as Muffin and Is My Time Up?

Various Artists - PLUNDER the songs of STEVIE PLUNDER
This won't until the second half of 2007, so you'll have to be patient.
Half A Cow will be spending the next few months rounding up some very special friends and fans of the late Stevie Plunder - all doing their own versions of the classics from his songbook.

PURPLE HEARTS UPDATE "the mysterious Paul found!"
The liner notes to our Purple Hearts CD contain reference to an early member of the group called Paul, who we can now inform you is Paul Steffen. At the time the CD went to press the details of his involvement were sketchy. In fact he played rhythm guitar on the early Soundtrack demos, the first 4 tracks of the CD. read more
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