March 2007

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BRUCE: The Name Of The Band Is...(hac121)
It's been some long cold winters the last four years since Triple J added the Smallgoods to their rotation, but we've got the Speedos on and the Sunblock splashed because...the Cameron Bruce track 'Super Swinging 70s' has been added! You can help move it on up by requesting it here. Otherwise, it could sink into obscurity, and as we all know, the song is an unabashed classic. Friday 30th March Single Launch at the Rob Roy (Brunswick St. Fitzroy VIC) with Amaya Laucirica and the Vandas (acoustic)

DOG TRUMPET: Antisocial Tendencies(hac126)
Reg Mombassa and Peter O'Doherty's fourth album...and it's another sublime
and entertaining pop masterpiece that could only come from the world of Reg and Pete. Out now! UPDATE! Cd of the Week in Sydney Morning Herald in mid-March. And selling like HOTCAKES! Go the Doggies!

LUKE RUSSELL: The Kiss That Lasted All Weekend (hac124)
Who? Just wait! It's only one of the greatest debut pop albums ever to be
released. We were sent a cd of songs by Luke last year and loved it so much that it's joined the Half A Cow roster and will be out in stores on March 17th.

KHANCOBAN Come along and help Khancoban celebrate the launch of their first ever video clip and radio single ('These Lines can be Traced'/'Everywhere I See the Sea'). Friday 9th March at Gertrudes. read more

ART OF FIGHTING One of the most special bands to have put out music on Half A Cow release their third longplayer Runaways on March 10th through Remote Control. This is good timing for those waiting for their two EPs to be re-pressed. The Very Strange Year and Empty Nights are back in stock now.

Very sad news is the untimely passing of one of Australia's rock and roll greats, Mr Aztec himself, Billy Thorpe last Wednesday 28th February. From 60s beat and heavy-riffin' 70s rock to concept albums in the 80s, he stayed true to his own vision.
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