April 2007


Very sad news with the passing of Lobby Loyde on the weekend. Lobby had been battling lung cancer for the last year and recently been playing shows with his old bands The Coloured Balls and the Purple Hearts to "play with his mates one more time". As well as releasing Lobby's first band The Purple Hearts last year, Half A Cow was keen to get the Wild Cherries compilation out so Lobby could see it as soon as possible. They arrived Thursday. Lobby's copies of the cd were sent out on Friday. Sadly, he never got to see it.

Ben Whitten, producer of the Half A Cow reissues of the Wild Cherries' That's Life and the Purple Hearts' Benzedrine Beat, says: "I'll always remember the lunch we had at Mick Hadley's house one afternoon last year, a few hours before the Hearts hit the stage. Lobby was so friendly and talkative, it was hard to imagine he was so ill. I could sense that he was very proud of all the interest in his music, though he would never mention it. He was very happy with the Purple Hearts cd and was looking forward to the Cherries reissue. Sadly its release virtually coincided with his passing and he will never see it. Lobby and Keith Barber (Wild Cherries drummer) will be missed my many."

Lobby played a gig only two weeks ago and was booked for another last weekend. So he kept on right until the end. Pretty amazing. And thanks to the two independent record labels, Aztec and Half A Cow, the entire Lobby Loyde catalogue has recently been re-released.

Rest in Peace Lobby, you're a true Australian Rock Legend.

Look what we found while cleaning up the office: a handful of copies of the following sought-after HAC releases...one copy per customer
the EASTERN DARK: Where Are All The Single Girls? (hac75)
SMUDGE: Real McCoy Wrong Sinatra (hac73)
PIP PROUD: Eagle-wise (hac45)

ART OF FIGHTING Their first two EPs The Very Strange Year and Empty Nights are back in stock.

BRUCE: The Name Of The Band Is...(hac121)
Request 'Super Swinging 70s' here on the Triple J website.
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Khancoban news: Khancoban are pleased to announce the exciting news that they have found two new members - Jona Byron has joined on bass and Jim Patterson playing keys. Both of them make their own music and also plays in a great instrumental band called The Boats. Jim and Andre used to play music together years ago. Things might be a little different, things might be a bit the same. Andre is playing electric guitar on a few songs and Andrew has a dancing solo now.
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Swayback news: After stealing their fair share of the limelight with label signings, cd launches, corporate sponsorship, supports and extensive touring 'n' stuff during 2006, your friends from Swayback have been somewhat subdued in the new year. However, they have in fact been very busy, with recording well underway on the follow up to their successful debut long-player, The Quest for Rock & Roll. The biggest change is the introduction of John Hastwell (Adelaide's legendary blues-harp guru) on guitar who joins after the departure of Matt Small.
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