November 2007


We love our pop here at Half A Cow. From the Love Positions from the late '80s right through to Agnes Kain from last week, it's just about as good as the '60s reissues like the Wild Cherries and the Missing Links that never seem to leave the cd player. We also love our left-fielders. One-offs like Pip Proud. And our uniquely Australian bands such as Khancoban, Art Of Fighting, Tendrils and Crow.

We also love our ROCK. Or as Swayback would say RAWK! And Adelaide band Swayback are in the middle of an Australian tour that sees the band hit as many places as possible for a hard working, life-on-the-road lovin' independent outfit. They have a new single out One Way Traffic from an album released some time next year. Check it out. And check out their filmclip too. Swayback ROCK!

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