JUNE 2003 Demos Of The Week
Wons Phreely, Jerkwater

Our Demo Of The Week for 16th June, 2003 is:

Judging from the name, I expected some serious post-nu-kiddie-metal-indie-punk-pop (okay, get on with it) and was very, very surprised how incredibly different it was to expectations. Me apologise and head straight for corner of room. Proves you can't judge a...cd by its band name. Jerkwater are a three piece from Brooklyn and in 2001 were well-chuffed, as were a lot of others, by their self-released LP Love And Latitude and these five songs on display here are from their next one. And what is here is really good, especially after repeated listening. I found myself putting this disc back in the player again and again. jerkwater

Unlike Sophie and Lucy, I can't write these blurbs without having to revert to comparisons with other bands so will start by saying that the first track 'Last Years Bar' sounds like an Athens, GA band gone 60s garage-nugget and I was then expecting more songs inspired by REM and the like. Was not to be and all the better for it. The next couple of tracks reminded me of English bands The Dentists and Felt (but I think that's mainly coming from the vocals and understated guitar). All the songs are well written and arranged and are all stylistically different enough for the listener to remain attentive - especially in 'The Welcoming Arms Of A Nervous Breakdown' which sounds like the band has landed in Ireland with it's rollicking drums and "li-le-li" backing vocals. And the dramatically different version of The Replacements' 'Color Me Impressed' is wonderful too. Sorry to bring it up again, but their moniker doesn't do the band or their music justice, especially if I was flicking through the racks, and it would be a shame to overlook this band with great songs that are definitely non-jerky. - ND

contact: jerkwater@provocal.com
website: Jerkwater

Our Demo Of The Week for 2nd June, 2003 is:

We seem to be getting an increasing amount cds from bands that end up being one person, alone in his or her room with a computer or 4 track. The strength is that you get to develop your own unique ideas about music. But a lot of these demos could really benefit by collaboration with other people, especially in the song-craft department. Maybe the key is finding a balance between working at home in your room and venturing out, playing some live shows, exposing yourself (no, not like that!), getting some feedback and inspiration. Maybe music, more than most other art forms, is one that lends itself to collaboration. wons

Our latest Demo Of The Week is the curiously-named Wons Phreely, a one-man-op originally from Perth but presently residing on the other side in Darlinghurst, NSW. He has the hallmarks of this new-ish breed of demo-creators, as expressed in his bio "I have also spent many hours...experimenting on home computers and various other recording technologies", but is saved from losing himself in this search for a unique sound by having good, solid songs. With good songs, and a restrained sense of arrangement (i.e. songs that don't wander past four minutes), idiosyncratic details like the falsetto taunting-schoolboy backing vocals in the first song 'Replacement', and the sample at the start of 'To Begin With', are surprising and unexpected, but not distracting. - LL

contact: wonsp@yahoo.com
website: Wons Phreely

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