released 13/11/00:
Banana Smoothie Honey (hac93) double cd

First released in 1992 on the Citadel label, Banana Smoothie Honey is a collection of all the 7 and 10 inches released by the Plunderers lineup of 1989-1992 (Stevie Plunder, Nic Dalton and Geoff Milne). The original Citadel Records release (which has been deleted since 1994) has been expanded to include a handful of songs the three-piece band released under other names (Hippy Dribble, Captain Denim) and one previously unreleased track - all highly produced by Rob Younger, Michael Levis and the Plunderers.
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The nineteen songs have been split over two discs. The first disc contains all the a-sides, such as the power-pop gems Sarah's Not Falling In Love and Christo, and the b-sides, including the album highlight, the Stevie Plunder-penned Peggy, also Take A Ride and the 'should-have-been-a-huge-hit-but-they-released-it-under-a-silly-name' Cheerleader (which has been re-mixed especially for this compilation). The second disc has all the Plunderers' psychedelic epics all linked up into one sprawling suite as originally planned by the band - five tracks totalling 36 minutes!
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In the coming years, Half A Cow will be hunting through the vaults to release more Plunderers, including the 1985-1988 line-up featuring Pete "Pillage" Velzen and Andy Lewis. The band never got to record their debut album due to the tragic death of Stevie in 1996 so this collection is as close as wešll ever get to marvel and smile at the pop sensations of the Plunderers. Exclusive, shrink-wrapped cardboard packaging with replicas of the original vinyl covers which will bring back the memories of the Plundee fans who were there at the time and make new fans wish they were!
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