February 2015 update: So a whole year has gone by and zip. The Sweets Workshop show went really well and there wasn't much left that didn't sell to put up here. That's both good bad good bad. Sweets Workshop still have a few of them plus heaps other local (and interstate) artwork for sale. They're in Summer Hill (Sydney) so check the great little gallery out. Been working on a bunch of new stuff (nearly there!) and will be having an exhibition some time this year at an inner west cafe right near you. And that devon sandwich is starting to look quite dejected after I broke my promise.

February 2014 update: after the exhibition at Sweets Workshop ends in mid-March I'll be putting up a whole lot more artwork for sale right here. If I don't , I'll eat a devon sandwich.


ACHTUNG! Shopping links are still being built, email haclabel at mpx.com.au if you're super keen
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25cm x 29.5cm
The Triplettes acrylic and collage on canvas frame


Click here to see it bigger
24cm x 32cm (in frame 32cm x 42cm)
The Roundabout acrylic on paper, wooden frame behind glass 2009


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30cm x 40cm (in frame 40cm x 50cm)
The Sugar Bowl acrylic on canvas board, wooden frame 2011


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