BERNIE HAYES Sweet Sixteen hac197d A compilation of songs from all of Bernie's albums. From Every Tuesday, Sometimes Sunday in 1999 right through to Slow Fix in 2015. Bandcamp * iTunes

THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT Down In The Water hac194d
From the Music Club Volume Two album. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

BLOOMING HECK Blooming Heck hac190
Robert and Katherine from the world-famous Triangles step out in front with their self-titled debut album. read more here
buy the cd * Bandcamp * iTunes

CHEWEE Lucky Luke and Claudine Take Off! hac198d
Shelved instrumental album from 1996-1998.

MANDEE Musn't Mean Much hac195d
Originally released on the Slice Two compilation. A Tod Ersatz-Desmond Heffrey Production from 1992. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON AND HIS GLOOMCHASERS Hopetoun Hotel 22nd July 2006 via547
This is a live recording of the original Gloomchasers line up when the band was based in Melbourne. Paul Rigby on the banjo/mandolin, Ben Mason on the electric bass, Lachlan Franklin on the drums/acoustic guitar, Nic Dalton on lead vocals/acoustic guitar/mandolin and Lucy Lehmann on gut string guitar. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

NIC DALTON AND HIS GLOOMCHASERS The Empress Hotel 7th October 2005 via548
This is a live recording of the original Gloomchasers line up when the band was based in Melbourne. Recorded at the Empress Hotel, North Fitzroy on 7th October 2005 read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

MOSES Greater Than Me hac191d
The first release from Moses since they have relocated to Berlin from their homeland of New Zealand.
iTunes * Bandcamp

THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT Blackstar Singularity hac184
digital single! From the forthcoming Music Club Volume Two album out in 2017. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

SNEEZE 1-800 Billy Ruane hac193d
Sneeze return with their first single since the Just The Blues Sped Up album in 2004. The lineup of Tom Morgan, Nic Dalton and Lara Meyerratken give you the 29 second epic "1-800 Billy Ruane" - dedicated to the well-loved, and missed, Boston man-about-town Billy Ruane. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

MODERN BOMBERS Gotcha!/Believe Me hac192d
In October 2016, Adem Kerimofski (Turnstyle, Community Chest) invited Nic Dalton over to Perth to support his other band The Burton Cool Suit at a couple of shows. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

CONRAD GREENLEAF Shimmering Twins hac183d
A (mostly) ambient album from Conrad "Richard In Your Mind" Greenleaf. Grab a pillow and find a shady tree! read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

TRIANGLES A Tray Of Cards hac187d
Best Of And Unreleased Favourites 2004-2011 A compilation of the Melbourne band who went to number one in Spain! Even the King and Queen clapped along to "Applejack". read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

THE LIKES OF YOU For they are sailors just like you and seasick just the same hac185
The Likes of You debut release taps into the uncertainty and unease of current times without sacrificing Scott's commitment to big melodies and insistent hooks. read more here
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THE HOTPOINTS/MODERN BOMBERS Crosswires/Gotcha! split 7" LP moo14
The Hotpoints is a collaboration between the East Coast (Nic Dalton) and the West Coast (Adem Kerimofski). read more here. Modern Bombers came out of the Western Gloomees, a live band put together by Nic and Adem (plus Dave Wallace, Mark Eaton, E.M. Burrows and Dee Kenimofski) read more here.
Bandcamp * buy the 7"

PLUNDERERS Half A Cow cassette (1986) hac188d
A cassette given away at a show in October 1986 to celebrate the Plunderers 25th show at the Uni Bar (upstairs at the ANU in Canberra) whilst they were living in Melbourne. The bulk of these songs were recorded at the house they lived in, "Romolo", in West Melbourne, Feb-June 1986. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

YOU & YOUR SO-CALLED FRIENDS Downtown Splitsville LP hac180
The story of You & Your So-Called Friends starts way back in the early 90s, when the fresh-faced and naive Luke Russell and Leigh Richards began singing harmonies together after school. read more here
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DEE FARROW Low Tidings LP hac177
Dee is a singer and songwriter who was born and bred in Sydney, Australia. She’s fronted various bands over the years, such as Carbuncle Shack (ex Wet Taxis) and added vocals to recordings for David Lane, Even As We Speak and Ian Shadwell. read more here.
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CONRAD GREENLEAF Modern Emotions LP hac182d
the 2nd album but first with proper songs from Richard In Your Mind multi-instrumentalist Conrad Greenleaf. He wrote and performed everything himself and it's mostly recorded on a Tascam cassette 4-track. Think lo-fi classics like early Beck, Ween, the Love Positions and Guided by Voices. read more here
iTunes * Bandcamp *

MOSES Whareama LP hac181d
The second long-player from New Zealand psych-pop band, currently touring the other side of the world! read more here
iTunes * Bandcamp

THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT Music Club Volume Two LP hac173v
Their debut album is on available on 12" vinyl, pressed in Germany. The melancholy, psychedelic pop sounds of The Wednesday Night (TWN), created by the Sydney-based song writing pairing of Laura Murdoch and Rob Young, could be described as ethereal and dreamy - the 1960s meets the 1990s. read more here
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JOHN DOWLER'S VANITY PROJECT Oakleigh/Off The Coast Of Me hac176single
Two songs from the Splendid Isolation album read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

BASTED Volcanic Days via545
Producers Mikl G and MCD (Basted) explore the uninhabited areas of Alternative Synth Pop, with cutting edge sounds and classic songwriting. read more here
iTunes * Bandcamp

CLAIRE BIRCHALL AND THE PHANTOM HITCHHIKERS All That Matters (it's Christmas time) via544
Christmas single from one of Melbourne's Claire Birchall and her band. read more here
buy the cd * Bandcamp * iTunes

JOHN DOWLER'S VANITY PROJECT Splendid Isolation hac176
New from singer and songwriter John Dowler. In the late 70s, John led cult bands Spare Change and Young Modern (LA's Bomp! magazine described YM as Australia's first power pop band back in 78) before forming the Zimmermen in the mid 80s. read more here
CD * Bandcamp * iTunes

A wee taster from the forthcoming Music Club Volume Two album - due out October 21st, 2016. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

MOSES Moses hac179
The debut album from New Zealand ambient-psychedelic band who like to cruise. Featuring the singles "Opium" and "Keep Your Heart Beating". read more here
iTunes * Bandcamp

BASTED A Fieldfull Of Black Sheep via543
Music producers, Mikl G and MCD are Basted from the Lismore area of NSW. Dreamy and psychedelic grooves. Rhymes with wasted. read more here
Bandcamp * iTunes

THE LIKES OF YOU Newtown Girls hac171d
An almost solo recording by Paul Scott (The Kingdom of Jones, Montana, John Kennedy's 68 Comeback Special) helped out by long time amigo Steve Melville and the fab Marcus Phelan.
Bandcamp * iTunes

MATTHEW TOW Shadow's Reign XM-1032-LP
Fans of gorgeous lush pop will enjoy the master crafting he is provided on this new one which features long time associate Chris Cobb on the drums, bass players Nic Dalton and Patrick Matthews and members of Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Richmond Sluts. Nine majestic songs produced by Matthew J Tow. On Xemu Records. read more here
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the RAMALAMAS East Coast Low hac175
For more than a decade the Ramalamas have been playing a diverse brand of original rock'n'roll informed by 60s pop and west coast country rock. Read More .
CD * iTunes * Bandcamp

THE PROPOSITION Edge Of The Dancefloor hac166
Welcome to The Proposition's new album Edge of the Dancefloor. Overflowing with pop melodies and witty lyrics, this collection of songs trace the path of a jaded romantic through the streets of Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and Surry Hills. Read More
CD * iTunes * Bandcamp

Tom Morgan Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater EP hac170d
A six track compilation from Tom Morgan, who is mostly known from his bands Smudge, Sneeze and Bambino Koresh. Tracks 1 and 2 from a seven inch single originally released in 2001. The other songs are from this same period. read more here

WADE JACKSON Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo hac160d
Wade has again teamed up with the very talented producer Liam Judson (Belles Will Ring, Cloud Control) to sculpt an album of rich melodies, lush harmonies and reverb laden guitar driven pop. read more here
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THE BURTON COOL SUIT the Burton Cool Suit via540
The Burton Cool Suit were formed out of the ashes of Perth indie legends Turnstyle and obscure Perth garage punk band The Frantics as a fun kitsch project but became a fully functioning band for several years. The band released their first album (self-titled) in 2005. A mish-mash of garage rock, vintage electronics and whimsical sunny daydreams. iTunes Bandcamp ...Read More

THE BURTON COOL SUIT You Can't Fight City Hall via542
Their second and final album You Can't Fight City Hall was released in 2007 with the band commandeering a vintage tape machine and leaning towards indie rock and swaying gently away from overt 60s-isms.
iTunes Bandcamp Read More

Cruisy Psych Pop From New Zealand. This is their second EP. Channelling pioneering folk-rock artists of the late 1960s in a collection of more natural, but none-the-less ethereal sounding songs. iTunes ...Read More

the MISSING LINKS The Missing Links LP/EP
This slice of vigorous vinyl became one of the most prized acquisitions for garage punk fans the world over, with each successive wave of Down Under musical malcontents spreading its legend. The globe trotting team at Sundazed has now restored the album in all its magnificent MONO glory!
Buy Now iTunes Read More

When Saturday Come are Tony Bibby, Steve Helman, Pete Marley, Chris Muir, Dom White and are a freshly-minted Sydney band playing power pop, new wave and rock originals - plus the odd, choice cover. read more here
Bandcamp .

the NATURE STRIP Presents
Their second album Presents, new on China Pig Records in July 2016, is a feast for the senses. There's stuff to look at, a hard cardboard cover to fondle, some aroma lingering from the industrial process of duplication, but perhaps most importantly, something to hear.

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