Down On The Farm
by the Smallgoods

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(Lost & Lonesome)

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The third and most ambitious Smallgoods album to date, Down on the Farm offers an escape from hectic city life by finding solace in the country through jaunty folk songs, eerie spacious epics, dark ballads and gentle psychedelia, whilst not completely belying their harmony-laden Byrds-esque pop roots. First single 'Traipse Through the Valley' is a dark, misty psych-folk ramble that recalls Simon and Garfunkle on some weird shrooms, and has been picking up favourable reviews in the press as well as Triple J and community radio airplay.

1. Intro
2. Sadness and the City
3. Driving Song
4. Traipse Through the Valley
5. 100 Red Buttons
6. Campfire Song
7. Willow Tree
8. Jeune du Fille
9. No-one's Listening to My Baby
10. Now I See the Stars
11. City Full of Sky
12. Home Song
13. South of the River
14. You Got a Friend


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