Honey Coloured Sky and the Blood Red Earth 2CD
by Goldentone

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(Dead Letter Records)

from the website:
GOLDENTONE specialises in creating mature, well-crafted songs, with a melancholy edge, performed with warm golden sounds and emotional tones.

The musical influences of GOLDENTONE are wide ranging. Faint traces of country and elements of folk can be heard together with the sounds of contemporary, alternative, pop music. Check out the Goldentone website at http://goldentone.listen.to for more information.

Disc 1: Honey Coloured Sky
1. Promises
2. Next To Thee
3. Rebekah
4. Silver Studded Sky
5. Hands Of Mercy
6. Annalise
7. Heartbeat
8. Defenceless
9. Stand Your Ground
10. Regrets
11. Inner Dark
12. Overdrive
Disc 2:Blood Red Earth
1. Sweetheart
2. Back To Me
3. Hope For Us
4. Beautiful
5. Goodbye
6. Lingering Ache
7. Postcards
8. Second Chance
9. Within Your Arms
10. Aeroplane
11. Melody
12. Temptation


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