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(Half A Cow)

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Also available on cd with ten extra tracks.

The album Billiepeebup was the first full-lengther released by Half A Cow (the Light of Day
single was the first seven inch released by the label too).

"Now that the fevered indie-rock gold rush is over and things have settled back into boring old
normalcy, it's still possible to be dazzled by small, shiny nuggets that were overlooked in all the
madness. Billiepeebup is just such a sliver of solid gold. The Australian duo of Nic Dalton, who was
between stints in the Plunderers and Godstar, and Robyn St. Clare, a member of the Hummingbirds,
recorded a batch of gorgeous, witty, dreamy pop songs in the late 1980's. The LP, named after Joey
Ramone's slurring of the words "Blitzkrieg Bop", was released on Dalton's Half A Cow label in 1990.
Only a handful of mail-order/import rack devotees heard the album in these United States. Half A Cow
has reissued the record, plus bonus tracks that boost the CD's total to 24 songs. Listening to
Dalton's perfect pop hooks and St. Clare's little-girl-lost vocals is a welcome flashback to a time
when bands like Small Factory roamed the land, playing clubs and making records just because it was
fun and they loved it. Dalton went on to play bass in the Lemonheads, which had a hit with the St.
Clare song Into Your Arms, here in two versions. Call me sentimental, call me a fool: I love this
stuff." (Phil Sheridan, Magnet Magazine April/May 1999)

12" vinyl

1. Mirror On The Train
2. Light Of Day
3. Rooftop Superman
4. Satellite Of Love
5. Into Your Arms
6. The Garden
7. When We Were Young
8. Shivers
9. Don't Slow Down
10. Eating June Beauty
11. Keep You With Mine
12. With Dirt Alone
13. Throwaway
14. Lounge Around


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