Keep walking or I'll kill you
by Agnes Kain

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Indie folk pop duo Agnes Kain (Chanelle Afford and Stefan Simunic) have been creating and playing music together for the past couple of years. Having grown up on the same street in a small town on the outskirts of Sydney, there is an intimacy and comfort to their music that comes from the closeness of being long time friends. A feeling that is projected to the listener, both on their recordings and at their live shows.

They are excited to announce the release of their debut album Keep walking or Iíll kill you, which despite the wicked title was born of love. Amidst the piano, mandolin and guitar lies unassuming, heartfelt and honest tales of loves lost and found, places almost forgotten, and the peculiarities of life. Throughout there is a deepness and substance that may be missed on first listen, and although the album contains many a cheerful moment, concealed within the upbeat and playful melodies of songs such as 'All time High' and 'Puddles & mud' are tales of a more serious and somber nature. Whilst others like, 'My brother told me' and the title track, 'Keep walking or Iíll kill you' are penned from a still and thoughtful place of innocence and bruises.

The album was recorded by the duo in the spare room of their humble abode during early 2007. It was a challenge. There was heavy rain, extreme heat, they live on a flight path and their housemate vacuums incessantly. But it turned out exactly how it was intended, with simple compositions and arrangements weaving perfectly imperfect little embroideries. Both self-taught musicians, Stefan and Chanelle played most of the instruments on the album, including guitar, piano, mandolin, bass, melodica, glockenspiel, and percussion. Their friends, Ben Ellingworth (drums) and Anne Samuels (viola) also lent their talents on several songs.

There is a darkness which underlies the infectious and cleverly constructed songs of Keep walking or Iíll kill you, but also a feeling of sharing tea with old friends. Listening to the album it is easy to fall in love with its whimsical charm and warmth.

1. You will be loved, & hated
2. Puddles & mud
3. All time high
4. Keep walking or I'll kill you
5. To me
6. Off with the faeries
7. Favourite
8. Pretty pickings
9. Josephine
10. Our new, happy life
11. My brother told me
12. Time


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