This Smudge Is True
by Smudge

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(Half A Cow)

27 track compilation of Smudge songs from 1991-1998.

First ever complete Smudge ‘best of’ compilation. Includes the classic ‘Don’t Want To Be Grant McLennan’, ‘The Outdoor Type’, ‘Tenderfoot’ and ‘Divan’ (as made famous by Evan Dando’s Lemonheads). Bet you knew that anyway!

The compilation has been put together by long-time Smudge associate Nic Dalton (who produced half the songs) and includes a mammoth full-colour 36 page booklet with all the information you’ll ever need to know about Smudge. Smudge band members Tom Morgan, Alison Galloway and Adam Yee write their thoughts on each of the 27 songs. It is an incredible package!

Smudge are playing a handful of shows in the UK and Spain in late May 2010. Fire Records in the UK will be licensing the two Smudge albums Manilow and Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra for release in UK and Europe in late May so there will a bit of a buzz around Smudge at this time.

Available at the Smudge shows or ask you local record store to order it in via Shock or Rocket export if outside Australia, from MGM distribution (from July 2010) in Australia or direct from Half A Cow.

1. Tea,Toast & Turmoil
2. Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan
3. Pulp
4. Divan
5. Spoilt Brat
6. Alison
7. Superhero
8. Outside
9. Focaccia
10. Babaganouj
11. Steak & Chips
12. Impractical Joke
13. Down About It
14. Scary Cassettes
15. Ingrown
16. Ugly, Just Like Me
17. The Wrong Pony
18. Tenderfoot
19. The Outdoor Type
20. Lighten Up Hank
21. Mike Love Not War
22. Eighteen In A Week
23. Ya We Are Cruel But We Have Our Agenda
24. Hot Potato
25. Breadcrumb Trail
26. Recent Reich
27. Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra

7.Mike Love Not War


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