Whale March
by Kid Cornered

PRICE AU$ 15.00

(Half A Cow)

He's your great Australian novelist, slumming it in the streets of
Sydney's inner west. Off-kilter guitars and laconic vocals peppered with
trumpet hooks and unconventional arrangements make this Kid Cornered's
best album so far. Sonically, it tips its hat to 90s guitar bands
Pavement, Sebadoh and Yo La Tengo. Matt Toohey's noir-ish Australiana is
more realised and rounded on this third album, which ploughs its own patch
alongside the bands he shreds in on the side - the Woods Themselves, el
Mopa, and Browning.

1. Brilliant Corners
2. Cats in the Lane
3. Rusty Gate
4. Bees Knees
5. Magazine
6. Iím a drawer
7. Diary of Getting Fired
8. Enmore Claws
9. Lizard
10. Lockjaw
11. Long Gone
12. Nose Clean
13. Let it Down


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