Spider and Lamb
by Warmer

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(Half A Cow)

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Sydney's Warmer releases their third album, Spider and Lamb on 8th of
April through Half A Cow. The group is lead by singer-songwriter-guitarist
John Encarnacao and shares players with other HAC artists Dog Trumpet
(drummer Jess Ciampa) and Bernie Hayes (Jess and John). Bassist Peter
Marley, part of the group since 2002, and new recruit Joshua Isaac on keys
and guitar complete the lineup.

Their debut, A Prayer For Soft Honey (2002) was a reflective acoustic rock affair, while follow up The Cat's Miaow (2005) jammed out with country, rock and lo-fi threads. Spider and Lamb draws on all of these influences for a concise selection of psychedelic pop. Upon hearing it, HAC's Nic Dalton declared: "It's your Sgt Peppers!"

1. Spider and Lamb
2. People Round Here
3. Cold Diamond Armchair
4. Something Like Being Alive
5. Broken Wing
6. Black Cat
7. Wah-hoo!
8. Then It Hit Me
9. No Bad Messiah
10. Home
11. Quadrille


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