Cautionary Tale of the Beautiful Blackout
by Sierra Fin

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(Half A Cow)

Fans of Sparkadia, Split Enz and Augie March will value Sierra Finís debut album which was recorded with a Symphony Orchestra. Each member being a self-confessed lover of albums wanted to create an album intended to be played as a complete work. The Orchestra complement this idea and the band by adding layers of texture whilst allowing the band itself to drive the album. The Orchestra provides both the tension and beauty that a story such as this requires.

1. Death By Alarm Clock (Overture)
2. Polystyrene Dream #1
3. Claustrophobia
4. Angelís Way Down
5. Polystyrene Dream #2
6. Beautiful Blackout
7. Lost Manís Lie
8. Scrapbook
9. Wrapped in Plastic
10. Angelís Way Down (Reprise)
11. Polystyrene Dream #3


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