Second Guesses
by Luke Russell

PRICE AU$ 15.00

(Half A Cow)

Luke Russell is a Sydney-based singer songwriter and this is his second album. By day, Luke is a philosopher at the University of Sydney, where he researches virtue, vice and evil. Luke also specializes in writing melodic pop songs with a Sixties feel. Like his 2007 debut The Kiss that Lasted All Weekend, this new record is full of chiming guitars and call-and-answer vocals courtesy of Angela D'Alton and his sister Sally Seltmann. Half A Cow label boss Nic Dalton loved the record so much he joined the band!

1. Each And Every Way
2. I'm Over The Thrill Of The Chase
3. Not Even Nina Simone
4. You Chose The Wrong Girl
5. When We Try To Sound Wise
6. Hey Hey Cowboy
7. Handsome, But Not Dashingly So
8. My Girl's Prematurely Grey
9. On Goulburn Street
10. I'm Gonna Make Your Love Come Down
11. I Took A Wrong Turn
12. We All Approach The Golden Gate


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