Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing
by Kim Salmon

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(Half A Cow)

Kim Salmon & the Surrealist

Contains the single You're Such A Freak (hac68).

From the original bio:

One time leader of the much revered swamped-out noise merchants The Scientists and former axegrinder/songwriter for the most brutal (and sometimes beautiful) Beasts Of Bourbon, Kim Salmon has also been doing his own thing since about 1985 with help from his mighty Surrealists. Having released a bunch of classic albums such as Hit Me With The Surreal Feel, Sin Factory, Just Because You Can't See It Doesn't Mean It Isn't There on the very cool Red Eye label, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists jumped aboard the 'Cow in 1997 to release what many consider to be their best album to date in Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing.

Oozing back porch charm and Vegas smarm, Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing features 60+ minutes of music was recorded in Kim's kitchen and then mixed by the great Jim Dickinson (Alex Chilton, Big Star, Ry Cooder) in Memphis.

1. I Won't Tell
2. The Zipper
3. You're Such A Freak
4. Undone
5. The Connoisseur
6. Insurance Man
7. Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing
8. You've Got Layers
9. Alcohol
10. The Lot
11. Horizontal Zipper
12. I Am A Voyeur
13. Guilt Free
14. Space 1999
15. Medium
16. Put Your Trust In Me
17. Caught In The Zipper


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