The Four Seezons
by Sneeze

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Q: What does a band do after their last release - which was a ceedee with 41 songs in 47 minutes?
A: They record an 19 minute epic and release it on 12 inch vinyl only.

And this is exactly what Sneeze have done. In May 1996 Nic Dalton and Tom Morgan, the two heads of Sneeze, sat in a loungeroom about to head off to a recording studio to begin what they had been calling for a few years "Sneeze 2". A band should move on, progress, rally forth they both agreed. An idea struck. Let's record our interpretation of "The Four Seasons". Yes! What better way for Sneeze to return than with the opposite of an album of songs under two minutes in length - an epic titled The Four Seezons.

So it began and they recorded one day each over the next four seasons to capture the spirit in the air. And mixed in the fifth season. 19 minutes later "The Four Seezons" appeared.

Available on 12 inch vinyl and baked with a live-on-radio-FBI broadcast from July 1996 featuring 11 songs including the classic 'Shaky Ground', 'Ripped Jeans' and 'I'm Upset Enough (Parts 1 & 3)'.

12" vinyl only

Side One:
The Four Seezons -
1. Winter
2. Spring
3. Summer
4. Autumn

Side Two:
Live on Radio FBI -
1. Ying And Yang Telephone
2. 2 Kates
3. Create Your Friends
4. Photo Finish
5. Ripped Jeans
6. Shaky Ground
7. Winter Won Out
8. (Don't Go) Girlie
9. Demand
10. There He Is
11. I'm Upset Enough (Parts 1 & 3)


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