Nic Dalton Romolo 86-88
by Nic Dalton

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(Half A Cow)

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This is Nic's first solo album - in late 1985 the Plunderers decided to leave their hometown of Canberra and move to Melbourne, finding a terrace calld "Romolo" on the edge of West Melbourne, a few blocks from the Victoria Street Markets. They bought a four track and these are Nic's first recordings, alongside the Love Positions and the early days of Plunderers cassettes. Nic recorded the rest of the songs (tracks 11-16) when the Plunderers moved base from Melbourne to Sydney at the end of '86.

1. Good To Me#2
2. Taking The Easy Way Out
3. Turn Around
4. Kensington
5. Believe Me
6. Run Wild Again
7. Word Gets Around
8. Sad Situation
9. Lounge Room
10. Crayon Cafe
11. Kirsty (Call It Lonely)
12. Sleepwalk
13. Csilla Drive
14. It Didn't Take Long
15. Hangin' Round/Hang on to Yourself
16. It's Too Bad


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