Doctor Of Love/Loud & True
by Sneeze

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(Half A Cow)

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Track 1 from Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll. All other tracks prevously unreleased. Russell Hopkinson (from You Am I) drums on tracks 1, 2, 3 and 5. Justin Credible lead vocals track 3. Keira Hopkinson lead vocals track 5. Robyn St. Clare backing vocals tracks 2, 5. Track 4, with Lara Meyarratken on drums, recorded live at the Sandringham, Newtown 28/8/98 (a week before it closed). Artwork by Simon Day (featuring the "Blind Love" doctor and nurse).

1. Doctor Of Love
2. Rumour,Conjecture, Speculation, Hearsay
3. Loud & True
4. When Honey Snaps (live)
5. Ninth Of The Ninth, Ninety-Nine


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