by Kim Salmon

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Kim Salmon & the Business

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As if a personal resume that's made Oz rock history isn't enough, princely Kim Salmon continues to sit at the cutting edge of contemporary rock with his album Record. Salmon has never pretended not to be enamoured of the bluesy, raunchy past of R&R, but he's also managed to make music that's edgy and intense and never wholly derivative. He's always added an Australian spin that's rung true across the globe, established by his old work in the Beasts of Bourbon and confirmed by his more recent solo efforts. The self-produced Record features a co-writing credit with Warren Ellis of the Dirty Three and guest appearances by Dave Graney and Clare Moore, all extra-tasty embellishments on an album that's full of Salmon's usual sassy flare, honest guitaring and even a sprinkling of hip-swinging horns. Contains the singles Saving Me From Me (hac85), Disconnected (hac88) and I'll Be Around (hac95).

1. What's All This Business?
2. Saving Me From Me
3. Disconnected
4. Share It
5. Don't Fake It
6. Anticipation
7. Nothing Can Go Wrong
8. I'll Be Around
9. Give Me Some Notes Mike
10. Emperor's New Clothes
11. New Kind Of Angle
12. Behave Yourself
13. IOU
14. Caesar's Lament


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