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La Femme, No Homme? (She Loves You Vol.1)
by Various Artists

PRICE AU$ 10.00

(Half A Cow)

Half A Cow Records is proud to release this 18 track compilation of entirely female-driven bands that feature current artists such as Nitocris, Stella One Eleven, Skulker and Bidston Moss and others from times gone by such as New Zealand's Look Blue Go Purple, Spdfgh and Lustre 4. Mainly Australian and mainly pop (in the rock & roll sense, not the britney way), this compilation also includes a 32 page booklet with bios of all the bands, an interview with the drummers and anecdotes about being a girl in the music scene.

Vermishus: Amaze Me
The Spinsters: Bad Pills
Nitocris: O.B.I.D.
Spdfgh: Wikky's Ode
Bidston Moss: Junior
Skulker: Hej
Lustre 4: Ma Hannah
Look Blue Go Purple: Cactus Cat
Semi-Gloss: Eight Million Strong
Stella One Eleven: Go Slow Girl
Fuzzy: Dead End Day
Moler: Used To Be
Undergirl: My Girl
Half Miler: Married
Twelve24: Jenny
120 Mins: Each Time
Robyn St Clare: Slow Slide Down
Sunday: Going Home


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